Could a Fresh Start Benefit You Leaving Lockdown?

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Coronavirus has been a hot topic over the past few months that has completely changed many of our day to day lives. It’s altered our lives – in many ways, for the worse. But here are just a few different changes you could make to your life when the pandemic comes to an end.

This is a chance for a new start and could take your life in a better direction.

A New Career

Usually, we work nine to five. But this isn’t the start and end of our working days.

We rise early to get ready. We face the morning commute. We face the evening commute. We spend our evenings either exercising, socializing, bonding with the kids, cooking, completing chores, or whatever else we need or want to squeeze in before getting back into bed to rest up for a similar day ahead.

This means that very few of us get the opportunity to actually think about our careers.

This lockdown period has given many of us a chance to actually consider and analyze our working situations and, while some of us miss our jobs and can’t wait to get back, many of us are finding that we’re not actually happy with our current place on our career paths.

Some of us have realized that we’re in dead-end roles with little to no chance of career progression.

Some of us feel unappreciated. Some of us feel that we’re not being paid enough. Some of us have accepted that we’re working in a field or role that we’re not remotely interested in.

Some of us have decided working remotely suits us and we don’t want to go back to the usual office spaces. So, now could be a time to start considering a new career. Sure, few places are recruiting right now.

But post-pandemic, it’s likely that many positions will become available, as companies try to recover and new companies sprout up to take the place of those that have gone under.

So, think things over.

What kind of role would you actually be interested in pursuing? What do you need to secure that role? Will you need to head to higher education? Will you need to retrain? Will you have to move? Asking these questions now will get you into a good place to actually set off on the right career path for yourself and your family when you are able to.

A Fresh Start Financially

Some of us have been financially torn apart by the coronavirus pandemic.

Even those of us who had the most financially stable and secure jobs that we’d been in for years may find that our financial situations fell through within a matter of months.

If you lost your job, found yourself on reduced pay, or found yourself in any matter of other situations, you may have been struggling with money and may find that you need to turn a fresh page in your life financially.

If you have taken out loans or used credit cards to get by, you may be in a lot of debt right now. It’s important that you look at this situation for what it is and choose the correct course of action to ensure that you get out of the red and into the black as quickly as possible.

If you secure a new job or another source of income quickly after the pandemic, you may be able to meet repayments, clear your debt, and get back on your feet.

But if you find that you struggle to secure a source of income again, or have taken out loans and cards with atrocious interest rates that pretty much eliminate your chances of getting back on track, you may need to look at filing bankruptcy help. This could get you into a position where you can turn a new financial leaf and get back on track to financial stability.

A New Type of Education for Your Children

If you have kids, life really will have taken a turn over the past few months.

Many have been taken out of schools, as schools have been closed, and have been spending time at home instead of spending their days in the classroom.

Many parents have found themselves teaching their kids from home in a bid to keep current curriculums fresh in their minds and to continue their education in spite of the pandemic. Of course, when kids return to school, everyone will be on the same page and their education will commence where it was left off.

But many parents are realizing that they’ve quite enjoyed the opportunity to teach their kids themselves. They’ve had more time to bond with their little ones.

They’ve been able to guide their education themselves.

Sure, the vast majority won’t keep this up forever and will send their kids back to school for a full and broad education once schools become a safe place to spend time again.

But at the same time, you may want to continue this educational connection in their home lives going forward. On the weekends, you might want to take them on fun educational trips to art galleries, museums, theatres, planetariums, and other educational hotspots once they’ve reopened. In the evenings, you might like to help them with their homework.

Coming up to exam season, you might want to help them with their revision! Hopefully, this lockdown period has helped to get more parents involved with and interested in their little ones’ education!

These, of course, are just a few different areas of your life that may change as a direct result of your lockdown experiences.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been awful for people all over the world. But it’s important to stay positive, keep your chin up and see what you can take from the entire experience to move your life forward in the right direction once the pandemic passes and lockdown restrictions begin to lift. This could provide you with a completely fresh start!

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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