Exciting Front Door Ideas for Your Home

If you’re tired of the way your house looks from the curb, the good news is that you can instantly update the look by painting the front door or replacing the existing one with a new version. Here are creative ideas to inspire you on your journey to refresh the look of your home.

Why Use Only One Color?

Before you start thinking about different hues for the front door, why not consider adding two different hues? One shade can be for the door itself, while the secondary color is for the trim at the side for glass panels. Choose contrasting colors to get a fantastic look that helps your home stand out on the street.

Black Steel

This trendy style of the front door is modern and edgy. While a distressed metal door won’t suit every house (or every homeowner), it will make a statement as your guests approach the front steps. Carry the look inside by adding a metal sculpture on an entranceway table or mirrored metal wall decor.

Double Doors

Who says double doors only go out to a back garden? Instead, choose a set to welcome your friends inside in a big way. Double entry doors are also advantageous if you must move wide furniture in and out of the home. Whether you want windows in them or not is up to you.


A bamboo laminate is a cool idea that will likely make you the talk of the neighborhood, in a good way. This versatile material is great for doors and windows, so if you really like the look, then you might use it in other parts of your home. A bamboo-jute composite door resists both water and rust, as well as being environmentally friendly.

Pay Attention to the Bigger Picture Too

In addition to changing the look of your front door, also pay attention to the areas that lead up to it. That’s all part of making a great first impression. Pressure Washing the driveway, for example, can remove dirt for a significant increase in curb appeal.

Change the Hardware

Instead of new paint or a whole new door, you might simply change out the hardware on the front door to improve its look. A new doors lock updates the look as well as instantly adding security. From satin nickel single cylinder to bronze cylinder deadbolt, there are plenty of options that look great and give you peace of mind at night.

Other Front Door Ideas

The list above is not exhaustive. A growing number of materials are available for front doors, including aluminum, wood, glass, and fiberglass. The right one for your home’s exterior will be the one that provides the look you want, as well as durability, security, and energy efficiency.

Once you’ve found a door you love, then it’s time to start thinking about adding hanging baskets to make the area look more welcoming than ever. Add lighting too that shows off the new doorway. Your next project might be to change the interior doors – Yes, there’s always something to do as a homeowner!

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