How To Have Fun On An Electric Scooter

If you loved riding the manual scooter as a kid then you will be blown away by the experience of riding the best electric scooter in the world. More so, the price of these scooters is at its lowest in recent times and it just might be the best time for you to get one.

The scooters are readily available in the market in different sizes and shapes from Green Electric Scooters. Their ergonomic design and range of engine power have considered the skill level of all kind of riders. This is because scooters with great engine power might prove difficult to control and maneuver even for an experienced rider.

Also, it does not mean you cannot share in the experience of riding a scooter if you have never ridden one. It is great fun! But you will need the patience to learn and practice before you can enjoy riding your new electric scooter.

Much as it takes time to master control with a highly-powered electric scooter, the slower electric scooter also requires some skills. You might want to remember that also if it has been a while since you have been on one.

How To Ride One of The Powerful Models Like a Master

The First Thing Before You Get Started

It might take some time to learn but once you have mastered, you will find it similar to riding a bike. Nonetheless, allow yourself time to learn because you do not want to drop, scratch or damage your new heavy scooter on the first day.

You start by finding a considerably vast space with no traffic or objects that can be stumbling blocks for the scooter. Ideally, parking lots and back roads are both a great idea.

That space will be your practice area until you are confident in your riding skills. But until then, avoid bike and walking lanes or any pitched and uneven terrain.

The Basic Steps

To ride the scooter, you start by unlocking the scooter by turning the latch at the lower end of the steering column thereby raising it in a full, vertical position.

Then power on the scooter by pressing on the switch. You can check the battery life indicator on the LED screen if your scooter model came with this feature.

The hand brakes are on the handlebars. Practice holding the hand brakes because you will need to ride progressively easy and slow as you gain familiarity with your scooter. Learners should not begin off at a high speed.

You will use the throttle to increase or reduce the power and to get started you will just hit the throttle and take off.

You can use either the hand or the foot brake to stop when you are ready to stop at your destination. Also, remember to switch off the scooter upon arrival to your destination.

Finally, fold the scooter back up, engage the latch and that’s it.

It Is Better If You Practice with a Partner

A friend with experience riding a scooter is the perfect person to ask for their company or for hints on riding a scooter. It is even better if they can make time and accompany you to your practice and practically teach you the basics.

Safety Is Key

Always remember to put on a helmet before getting on a scooter regardless of how experienced your instructor is. Safety is paramount and you should always protect your head all the time you are riding your scooter.

We recommend you purchase a tough helmet like Pro-Tec full-coverage helmet. This helmet has been built with a tough exterior, great vent system and a moisture-wicking liner to minimize sweating.

Finding a good helmet that keeps you protected and feeling nice and cool is a big part of the experience of riding a scooter.

The Choice of Clothing

In addition to the helmet, you will have to wear additional protective clothing and other protective gear. Your arms and legs should be covered to safeguard you from limb injury in case of a fall.

Additionally, professionals recommend kids and beginners to wear knee and elbow pads.

Electric Scooter Charging

Make sure the electric scooter is fully charged before you take it out for a ride.  You will find easy-to-follow instructions on how to charge the electric scooter on the user’s manual.

Some scooters require between 1 and 2 hours to fully charge while others will need an entire night depending on the model and battery power capacity. It is good to know how long it will take to charge or recharge your scooter so that you are well prepared before the ride.

Braking System

Note that some models like the GOTRAX Glider Electric Scooter for Kids & Adults have superior/more powerful brakes than most models.

Regardless of the model of your scooter, begin by familiarizing yourself with the brake system and gauge how sensitive they feel for you.

Ride At Your Speed

It is common to be tempted to know just how fast the scooter can move when you rev up the throttle. However, if you are learning or it has been a while since you were on one, the last thing you need to do is ride faster than you can stop.

Practice patience before you can move with the speed you want; wait until you are confident of your skills to ride a scooter fast and to stop.

You will also realize it is easy to balance on the scooter when it is in motion than while it is not moving. Nonetheless, you will need to learn how to balance yourself better on the scooter when you have hit certain speed limits.

What To Do In Case Of An Accident

Accidents can happen at any time and to the most skilled of scooter riders. Do not panic at all; you have to master psychological calmness when riding and when you are about to fall.

Also, when you are about to fall, do not grab the throttle as this will worsen the fall. Rather, let go of the scooter and focus on getting off the scooter. Center on getting yourself out of harm’s way because your safety is more important than that of the scooter.


Make sure you are paying attention to the battery life and the scooter’s mileage so that your limits are not exceeded. You can learn the scooter’s range of capabilities from the user’s manual.

It is advisable to pack and go home when your battery is low or you are close to hitting the maximum limit for the scooter’s mileage. Otherwise, you might have to push your electric scooter home which will be tiresome especially for the larger, beefier models.

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