Fun Ways To Rekindle Your Love This Fall

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As the last signs of summer die away, as the air turns crisp and cool and the colors of the world around us burst into flame, most of us yearn for cozy pastimes for two. Fall is definitely one of the most romantic times of the year, and yes that includes Halloween! You can make Halloween snacks together and curl up watching scary movies. 

There is no end to the options you have to spend time with your significant other. Whether your love is new or you’ve been together a long time, there’s no harm in rekindling the romance with fun fall activities. Whether you like playing games together and staying cozy at home, or being more adventurous in the outside world, this list has something for everyone. Let’s take a look.

Apple Picking

It might seem a little crazy to some people to elect to do manual labour, but that’s really no way to look at one of the most famous Fall activities around! The apple picking season is here, and you should definitely take advantage of it. This option will work particularly well for you if you already live upstate or in/ around New England. Wrap up warm, head out to your favorite orchard and grab a basket of the freshest, juiciest apples together. Depending on where you go, you might be able to have those apples made into cider to take home! Either that or throw on some aprons and get baking: apple pies will abound. You will likely also find a delicious selection of other farm fresh produce, homemade jams and ciders at the orchard as well: the perfect stock for a picnic lunch!

Haunted House

This activity you’ll likely only find from mid October until Halloween, but it’s worth the wait. What could be a better reason to grab the hand of the one you love than a good scare? This can be a fun activity for couples with kids or without. You’ll have to monitor the scare level if you take the kids along with you, but if you go solo you can try out any type of haunted house that you like. These nearly always take place at dusk and into the evening, so a perfect follow up to your haunted house experience would be a nice warm pumpkin spice latte (if that’s your thing) at a cozy cafe; preferably one that has a merrily crackling fire to warm you up. Some sweet treats and a little time spent going over the best elements of the haunted house or even planning more Fall activities will never go amiss.

Netflix and Chill

Well…any streaming service and chill really! Or movies that you already have on your hard drive. There are two ways that you can take your movie night: scary, to honour the Halloween element of Fall, or warm and romantic. If you choose a fright night, then we have a few suggestions for you!

  • The Scream franchise, for a classic slasher experience.
  • The Exorcist, because what says Fall more than demon possession?
  • Suspiria, for a truly witchy trip.

If changing leaves and long walks in the park are more your thing, you could try any of the following:

  • When Harry met Sally, because the scenery is spectacular.
  • A Gilmore Girls marathon, because Stars Hollow does Fall right.
  • The Dead Poets Society, for a dose of foliage and academia.

Movie night would be nothing without snacks! You have to have popcorn of course, the quintessential movie snack, warm and cold drinks to suit your mood, maybe some cinnamon sugar donuts and definitely some mini chocolates. If you’re hungrier than snacks, why not order some pizza…no one leaves the house on movie night, even to get food!

Pick your Pumpkin

Do a little research beforehand for this one. The best way to choose your pumpkin farm is to look at online reviews…you don’t want to drive a long way only to be disappointed with the selection! You also need to figure out your decor needs beforehand: should you get big or little pumpkins, or do you want gourds instead? Should they be white or orange?

A little road trip to the farm is all part of the fun, and a wonderful chance to take in the foliage wherever you live. A top tip is not to go too early in the season…you don’t want your pumpkin dying on you before October 31st! Once you arrive, the fun really begins. The festive atmosphere only adds to the charm of an already charming experience.

Whether you choose to display your pumpkins whole, or carve them up into jack o’lanterns, you should be waste conscious. A great way to use the pumpkin flesh is to oven roast it with cinnamon. After that you could even turn it into a delicious soup for a romantic, candlelight dinner.

Hand Out Candy

Thankfully this fall activity means you can stay home all night! Except when you head out to purchase Halloween candy, of course. What could be more fun on halloween, than handing out candy to all the trick or treaters who come knocking? These are memories that you’ll be able to look back on for a long time to come, something to smile about together. It’s best to hand out only sealed candy, for health and safety reasons, and don’t forget to get those kids to sanitize their hands! You could even dress up in a couples costume: Frankenstein’s monster and the Bride of Frankenstein. Or how about Harry Potter and Ginny Weasly? The options are endless and you’ll have a blast together, whatever you choose.

Final Word

Whichever Fall activity you choose to rekindle your couple flame, we know that you’ll make enough memories to last a lifetime. 


Jeff Campbell