5 Steps To Garage Door Repairs

Your garage doubles up both as a storage point for your car and other important stuff as well as an entry point to your house.

A damaged garage door could put you at risk of burglars gaining access into your private space and doing some serious harm, or stealing a bunch of valuables.

The damaged door is also a safety hazard to you and your kids as it could cause some serious injuries. This, however, is a problem that can be easily solved. Here are the 5 steps to garage door repairs:

1. Inspect The Metal Tracks For Loose Screws And Dents

Check the mounting brackets which secure the tracks onto the wall to see if they are loose and if they are then tighten the screws on the brackets.

Enter your garage and keep the garage door closed then inspect the tracks for flat spots, folds, or dents. If you notice any of these, use a rubber mallet or a hammer to straighten them back to their original state. If the damage on the tracks is extreme beyond repair, you’ll have to replace them.

2. Check Whether The Metal Tracks Are Properly Aligned

Inspect the tracks using a level to see whether they are aligned correctly.

Ensure that the horizontal tracks are slightly slanted downwards facing the rear side of the garage and the doors are rolling up properly. Ensure also that the track’s vertical section is upright. Both of these tracks should measure the same height on the walls of the garage.

3. Align The Metal Tracks

If you notice any misalignment on the metal tracks after inspecting them, then you’ll have to restore them to their proper alignment. To do this, loosen the screws holding the mounting brackets but do not remove them then carefully fix the tracks back into their proper position.

Use the level again to ascertain that the tracks are now in their correct position and then tighten the screws on the mounting brackets.

4. Cleanup The Tracks

The garage door metal tracks will have accumulated a lot of dirt and grease on them will have hardened. They’ll need to be cleaned up. A concentrated household cleaner will come in handy. Ensure that you thoroughly clean the rollers and the tracks and then wipe them dry.

5. Do The Final Fixes

The fifth step is to perform any pending fixes.

If the garage door is a roll-up door, inspect the hinges which hold the door sections together. If you spot any loose screws, tighten them. If the hinges are damaged, have them replaced. If the door sags on one side, servicing the hinges will solve this problem.

If screw holes have become enlarged, you can replace the screws with longer ones with the same diameter. If you notice cracked wood where a hinge is, you’ll have to take off the hinge, fill the crack with wood filler and then replace the hinge.

If the garage door is a swing door, inspect the plates where the spring has been attached. Check whether the screws are tight. Tighten them if they are loose.


Garage door repairs can be fairly risky to do by yourself if you’re not much of a handyman.

It’s highly advisable that you seek professional repair services just to be safe from unwarranted injuries. If you reside in California, you can link up with these San Diego garage door repair experts to help you out.

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