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Gadgets That Will Help You with Gardening

Hand holding an orange sprayer attached to a garden hose spraying water out Middle Class Dad Best Expandable Garden Hose

Sometimes gardening seems to be a hobby that involves quite specific equipment and gadgets. It also appears tiring and time-consuming – to grow healthy plants, it’s necessary to water them regularly, change the soil, and use different sprays and moisturizers. In fact, though, there are plenty of different gadgets that can make gardening easy and pleasurable. What’s more, they’re usually simple, handy, and inexpensive.

Below you’ll find a few useful tools for gardening lovers.

A soil thermometer

A thermometer may not seem the most necessary object in a garden, but in fact, it’s really important to measure the soil temperature before planting flowers or other plants. Why?

The soil should be warm enough to enable plants to grow freely. If the soil is too cold, the seeds will simply not germinate. Appropriate soil temperature should be around 60-70 Fahrenheit. That’s why it’s reasonable to check the temperature in advance by simply stabbing the thermometer into the soil.

If you want to monitor the temperatures and weather in your garden, check out the best weather website.

A multi-pot watering kit

Watering a few plants on the windowsill doesn’t seem much of a challenge, but when it comes to watering the whole garden, it may take a lot of time to move around with the watering can.

In this case, using a multi-pot watering kit may be helpful. It’s a device that allows water up to 25 plants at once. All you need to do is set the targeted time of watering and connect the kit to your garden tap.

The plants sense USB stick

Could you imagine measuring the quality of your soil by a USB stick?

Well, it’s actually possible. All you need to do is to insert the stick (it looks like a thermometer) to the soil of a pot. Then, you can connect the USB stick to your computer and see the measurement results. What’s more, the results can then be saved so that you can monitor the plant parameters easily.

A robotic lawnmower

For those who don’t particularly enjoy mowing the lawn, a robotic lawnmower seems to be a perfect solution.

Once it’s connected to the power source, it automatically cuts the grass in the targeted area. You can also set the time for its work. The device can be quite costly, but It’s possible to find some bargains online.

A portable mosquito repeller

Every gardening lover knows how frustrating the presence of mosquitos can be.

Different sprays or other methods don’t always work correctly, so it could be a good idea to invest in a portable mosquito repeller. The device uses a natural, scent-free substance to keep the mosquitos away, so there’s no risk of scenting irritating chemicals in the air.

A fruit picker basket

If you have some fruit trees in your garden, using a fruit picker basket to reach them on the top of the tree might be handy. It looks more less like a stick with a basket on top. In order to pick the fruit, simply hold it up to the targeted place on the tree and pick it with the metal basket.

Interchangeable garden tool handlers

If you dream of a well-suited, consistent set of garden tools, you can try out a set of interchangeable garden tool handlers. They are made of metal or wood and can be adjusted to many different attachments. The handlers are short, long, or even extendable, so you can choose even a few options to facilitate your gardening work.

Self-watering plant pots

Once you want to forget about the everyday watering of our plants, exchanging your pots for self-watering ones could be a great solution. These pots have built-in sensors that indicate the level of soil moisture and automatically water the plant.

These pots are relatively small, though, so planting anything bigger would be a problem here.

Breathable gardening gloves

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your hands sticky and sweaty while doing gardening in a pair of gloves. They’re usually made of synthetic, non-breathable materials which make them resistant, but not pleasant or healthy for the skin. A right solution may be to look for high-quality, breathable gardening gloves.

They let the air flow, so you can still be protected from dirt and sweat.

Gardening has never been easier, as many different tools and gadgets facilitate it. You can pick and choose among the intelligent garden devices such as soil thermometers, robotic lawnmowers, or USB plant sensor sticks. For those who prefer more traditional tools, there are breathable gloves or interchangeable tool handlers.

Every gardener will also appreciate a fruit picker basket or a portable mosquito repeller. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your gardening hobby will become more comfortable and will bring a lot of satisfaction without great effort. All of the gadgets can also be excellent gift ideas for your green-fingered friends or family members!

Jeff Campbell