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A Gender Neutral Baby Room – It’s Easy And Fresh!

Today we talk about the latest trend in children’s decoration: gender neutral baby rooms. This trend is not just something that is new; many couples have been doing this for decades; before the technologies advanced so greatly and you could learn the sex of your baby months before they were born.

However, even today, some parents like to keep that a mystery until birth. However, there are other numerous reasons why parents want to keep the room neutral. Including their own beliefs, so that’s why it’s great to be prepared and know how you can make this a reality!

You can refer to gender neutral nursery ideas for a stylish and cozy space but let’s run through some basic tips first. 

Why is gender-neutral decor good? 

There are plenty of advantages of creating a bedroom with these characteristics and they can really be thrifty ones too! When we decorate a gender-neutral room, it becomes timeless, which allows you to add to the blank canvas and not have to redo everything. 

  1. A bedroom with neutral tones and patterns does not go out of style.
  2. If you have another baby you can take advantage of the entire decoration.
  3. You will focus on functional details (storage, comfort and safety.) 
  4. As your child grows and chooses his/her/their favorite colors and accessories, you can gradually incorporate them into the decoration in small doses. It will not look strange and will combine perfectly, because the base decoration is accepting of almost any pattern and color. 

A cozy and relaxing feeling

Whether it is a completely white space or one with brushstrokes of other tones, its use, like that of other neutral colors, gives us that relaxing and cozy feeling that we seek so much in a space dedicated to rest such as the bedroom. It also allows you to remain calm when the baby is acting up; the white fresh walls will evoke a sense of relaxation.

Warmth but also freshness

A warm and welcoming atmosphere does not have to be at odds with freshness and liveliness. The blank spaces demonstrate this, providing a pleasant and pleasant feeling of comfort, without being boring or overwhelming. You also have the option to add to the space as and when you should want, or when your child wants it.

Wider spaces

One of the main advantages of the white color is its ability to visually expand rooms. The walls widen, the ceilings go up, and the space seems so much bigger thanks to the white. For this reason, it is perfect for small bedrooms. Kids need space and so keeping it less cramped can help you keep on top of the bedroom’s tidiness and keep things in its place. 

Brighter environments

Perfect for brightening interior or dark bedrooms, the white color is characterized by its ability to reflect light throughout the room. Combined with mirrors we will multiply that effect.

Children love lighting and it helps them develop, therefore it is another advantage to adopting the gender-neutral theme. Combine that with white or fresh curtains and you will find that the space is always bright, positive, and light.

Clean feeling

The white color, by generating a feeling of light and spaciousness, also creates an image of cleanliness and purity in the room. We need things to be clean during these difficult times. It allows you to see any spots of dirt and dust easier and you can clean with ease. During the Covid-10 crisis, we are constantly being told to clean and keep things sanitized. This way, you can always keep on top of that and then also enjoy the feeling of a clean fresh room because of its decor. 

An elegant bedroom

White conveys elegance, whatever the style of the room. In addition, it is a color that encourages creativity, allowing us to create unique, relaxing and visually attractive corners.

This will always be something to be proud of when creating spaces. As long as you include the toys, books and other educational accessories, then it will make a perfect child’s room to assist them in their growth and development from a very early age.

The fashion for unisex baby rooms.

The beginning of the fashion for unisex baby rooms is very remote, we have not discovered anything new, but the current reasons are very different.

Gender-neutral baby room decor has always existed in the face of the uncertainty of the baby’s gender. Nowadays a mistake is very difficult but it can happen. Choosing a defined style in the bedroom, before the birth of the child, has been a risk for decades.

But in recent times this trend has taken another turn that we will discover.

The growing use of this style nowadays responds to the interest of many parents in educating their children “without gender” or in “neutral gender”. We can begin our tips for decorating unisex baby rooms by talking about color. To create neutral spaces, any monochrome tone will work.

However, there are some exceptions; adding a little color of choice in small quantities can add a little style but this may not be a defined gender color, such as pink or blue. Perhaps an orange or green could work. So do not rule out any color, neither on the walls nor with the accessories. 

Another aspect that you should take care of is the prints.

You can look at ethnic, geometric, stripes, plaid, or polka dots among many more patterns but try to avoid florals or even anything such as characters on TV that may not really align with your views on things. Animals, however, are great.

Colors are also an important choice, so with your monochrome walls, what pops of color can work?

Green: According to some “naturalist” designers, green is ideal for a bedroom. Green communicates a sense of freshness and in oriental culture it is a symbol of rebirth the colors range from water to emerald, to jade, and the lush tones of tropical forests. 

Yellow: Yellow can be as warm as gold. It goes well with medium-dark floors, white walls, fabrics in desert tones. The ocher yellow when used for the walls or for the bed base, can act as a perfect contrast with the white of cabinets, lampshades, bedspreads, and windows, enhancing the brightness of the room.

Focus on using lighting to create space.

This tip is especially helpful for parents who are waiting to find out the gender of the baby because lighting helps you create a mood without worrying about color or decorative themes.

Create a space that focuses on soft lighting such as lamps, and night lights rather than general lighting. D

on’t use lamps that evoke any type of color scheme, such as blue stars or pink strawberries; but you can, of course, add a little rainbow design. All babies like warm lighting, because it evokes a sense of calm and coziness, which should assist them in falling off to sleep. Nightlights work well for this and are a great and inexpensive addition to the room. 

The textures and furniture choices.

You can be relatively open with your ideas about furniture.

Textures themselves are relatively gender-neutral of course. However, you may want to buy raw wood and not have it painted in any specific color. Choosing natural is always best and this goes for the crib and the accessories. The more neutral and organic the better. 

Regardless of the gender of your baby and whether you choose an extravagant theme or simple decorations, there is one important thing: creating a safe, comfortable, loving space where your little one will sleep, grow, and learn. 

Jeff Campbell