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Get Your Home Market-Ready By Renovating

If you’re looking to sell your home then it’s important to do all you can to make it valuable in the eyes of potential buyers.

It might be located in a great place, it might have plenty of space, and it might need very little work in terms of renovation.

Still, regardless of whether it has positive attributes working in its favor or not, the value of your house depends heavily on how it actually looks and functions (both internally and externally). Before you sell your property, get your home market-ready by renovating.

Create storage space out of thin air

One of the best ways to renovate your home and get it market-ready is to create storage space out of thin air.

Obviously, you don’t have to become a magician; we’re talking about utilizing space that might currently be going to waste. For example, you could put up more shelving units on the walls.

You could convert the attic or the garage into guest bedrooms.

If you rethink the way in which you use space in your home, you could make your property feel much larger. Storage space is a huge factor for anyone looking to buy a house, so you should ensure that your home feels as spacious as possible.

Fix the place up

If you really want to make sure that your house maximizes on its potential value then you need to make sure that it’s all properly fixed up before it goes on the market.

Buyers might not mind small flaws, but they might see those flaws as opportunities to offer less than the asking price. For starters, you need to clean the place up.

You should be gradually decluttering the place anyway if you’re moving out soon, but we’re talking about giving the place a deep clean.

Getting rid of things such as mold will make sure the place is healthy and aesthetically appealing for any buyers who come to view the property.

You might want to fix the place up by checking for small details that you have learned to overlook as the years have gone by.

Small dents in the wall, loose cabinet doors, and chipped tiles in the bathroom are all examples of things that could leave viewers feeling unimpressed by your property as a whole. You might even want to do some research on fire restoration.

Fixing up damage to your household could have a positive impact when it comes to putting your property on the market.

And these small issues are all easily fixed.

It’s better to face the small cost of getting your home up to scratch rather than facing a huge reduction in the value of your house because a buyer doesn’t want a sub-par property.


You can’t beat a simple paint job if you want to improve the design of a household.

It doesn’t cost much to buy a few buckets of paint, but this could massively transform the appearance of your property, and that will help to transform the perceptions of possible buyers who come to view your home once it’s on the market.

Simply repainting kitchen cabinets could make the room feel brand new, for instance. And giving walls a fresh coat of white paint will make your house look brighter; white reflects light.

Always think about curb appeal

You’ve probably heard the term “curb appeal” if you’ve done any research on renovating a property or spoken to a real estate agent.

The first impression made by your house is crucial to swaying a potential buyer in your favor or not. And, obviously, that first impression will be made from the curb.

Viewers need to be enticed by the outer appearance of your property, in other words.

It needs to be safe and aesthetically appealing; clean the place up so that it’s ready for viewings.

Interior design is vital, but your house needs the exterior to match that. You can enhance your landscape design or install outdoor fountains if you’d like.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive project, of course; small details always make the difference.

For instance, some well-placed plants and outdoor lights could really make the outside of your household shine.

Hanging some flower baskets on the wall at the front of your property might give the space some color as well.

The exterior of your home needs to be vivid and captivating. Even repainting your front door could make a huge difference to the visual impact of your property from the curb; we talked all about the power of a paint job earlier in this article.

It’s one of the cheapest and most effective ways to rejuvenate a property.

Design a comfortable garden area

Talking about the exterior design of your property, you should also get your home market-ready by renovating your garden.

You want viewers to imagine themselves relaxing in this garden, and that can add immense value to your property.

Better still, renovating a garden doesn’t have to be costly. This might not be a part of your house that’s visible from the curb, but that doesn’t make it less important than the other renovation projects listed in this article.

All of the space in your home is valuable, as mentioned in the very first point, so we’ve come full-circle here. Your garden is more than a patch of grass. It has boundless potential.

You should take care of it in a natural sense; mow the lawn, trim back overgrown shrubbery, and perhaps plant new flowers and trees to give the space some color.

But if you really want to design a comfortable garden area then you need to add some creature comforts.

You need to create an outdoor living area so that this outdoor space merges well with your home. A cozy patio area can help to create this. Some cushioned seats, a dining table, and an awning to protect the patio from the elements are all features that will contribute towards creating an outdoor lounge.

Again, this is relatively inexpensive, but it’ll hugely increase the overall value of your property. It’s a renovation project that’s well worth considering.

Jeff Campbell