4 Phenomenally Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Exercising Everyday

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A full 60 minutes! That is how much physical activity that your kids need each and every day to stay healthy. Sadly many children through the US are not getting this. This being a situation that is a result of a more sedentary lifestyle. Of course, as a top dad, you will want to do all you can to encourage your kids to get up out of their chairs and be as active as possible. A topic you can read all about in my post below. 

Make it competitive 

Competition can be a strong motivator for children! Especially if they are well-matched, as no single person will always be victorious. Something that, in turn, can help to motivate your kids to continue exercising. 

Of course, you will want to lay down some ground rules when it comes to physical activity and competition. These should include fair play and even handicaps for older or more physically fit participants. Something that can help to level the playing field. 

Additionally, one of the key benefits of using competition as a motivator for physical exercise is that there are so many activities you can suggest. 

One, in particular, that is suited to this time of year, is a game of touch football. While another is shooting hoops in the yard. Something that you can do as a family with the help of equipment like this wall mount basketball hoop that can be installed on the outside of your home. Although running, biking and active computer games can make suitable physical challenges to help your kids get their hour in each and every day as well. 

Provide additional motivators

For your children to be adequately motivated to continue exercising, you will need to find something that appeals to each of them in particular. Of course, this may mean that competition isn’t beneficial. The reason being that some children don’t enjoy being pitting against each other,  and it will end up putting them off rather than having the desired effect. 

Happily, other motivators can do the trick. Such as allowing your child to explore the world around them by taking them on regular hikes in nature, or even planned walks through the city to see all the major sites. 

Additionally, some children may be far more motivated if you set them tasks and activities where they have to participate in cooperation. An example of this being playing ‘popcorn’ with Wiffle balls and a parachute. 

Remember, too, that as a dad, you will be one of the most important role models in their lives. What this means is if you can lead by example and get involved directly in the kids’ exercise schedule, it can have a hugely significant effect. Not to mention the encouragement you can dole out on the days where they’d rather be at home with a game controller in their hand. 

Invest in the right kit 

It can also be very motivating to invest in the right kit and equipment if you want your kids to exercise regularly. In fact, there are two advantages to this. The first is that the right kit can make a big difference to both their performance while exercising, and their safety too. Something that means injuries is minimized and motivation kept high. 

Also, cast your mind back and remember what it was like to be a kid. You will recall that one of the most essential things is fitting in with your peers. A situation that having the right clothing, shoes, and equipment are all part of. Something that means by providing these items, you can help your children to view exercise positively, and so encourage them to take part regularly. 

Track and reward progress 

Now, you may think that this idea is a bit silly, especially for older kids. However, there is an entire industry of fitness wearables that are based around this idea. Of course, this also applies to the younger members of our families as well. In fact, anyone can fall under the spell of the fitness tracker. 

Happily, there is a range of models available, so it’s not so hard to find one that will fit any budget. Although if your kids want a more high-end model like the Fitbit or Apple Watch, then why not offer them the opportunity to earn credits towards this by doing their exercise?

In fact, a fitness wearable upgrade is an ideal choice for rewarding progress. The reason being it can really help to reinforce the positive achievement your kids will be making by exercising on a regular basis.

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