Gift Basket For New Parents

A new baby brightens the world by his or her mere presence. The new parents in your circle are enjoying the greatest gift of God in their lives. But, what better way to welcome the new-born and congratulate the new parents than a carefully crafted gift hamper?

A gift basket carries a lot of thoughts and wishes through the chosen items in it. Instead of random knick-knacks, your gift hamper will offer the recipients some organization to an otherwise chaotic and hectic world of new parenthood.

If you’re looking for some fine ideas for the perfect gift basket for new parents, here are some of them.

Gifts for the baby

The newborn is your primary focus for the basket. Here are a few must-have items you should consider for the baby:

  • Soft cloths: The baby needs soft pieces of linens for various purposes. Look for things like burp cloths, wash cloths, bibs, bath towels, blankets etc. Make sure they are soft cottons or linens and in pastel colours to avoid any harmful chemicals.
  • Wearables: Add in some baby clothes, onesies, booties, knot caps, mittens etc. into the basket for a highly cherished gift to the new parents. You could also get a fancy frock or some dandy t-shirts for the babe for those adorable new baby pics.
  • Baby toys: A gift hamper remains incomplete without some fun items in it. So, go ahead and pick up rattles, fun teether-rings etc. in vibrant colours for the munchkin. Also, don’t forget stuffed animals like a cuddly bear or a squishy monkey or even an adorable fluffy baby monkey. Your imagination is your only limit!
  • Baby products: This is the final touch in the gift basket for the little one – baby products for everyday needs. Put in some baby lotion, soft baby soaps, shampoos, body oils and what not? Just ensure to choose products with mild fragrances for the baby to enjoy thoroughly, without any risks of allergies. You could pack in some diapers too!

Gifts for the mum

Your gift basket will be even more thoughtful if you choose to put together a little something for the new mother too.

  • Select some useful products like lip balm, hand lotion, foot cream etc. to help her soothe the sensitive skin post-birth.
  • Add a book or two for her. These may be books to help with post-birth physical and psychological changes; inspirational books to boost her fatigued mind or a few baby books of night-time stories.
  • Score some brownie points with a potted plant and a nice wine or some chocolates!

Gifts for the dad

While you’re at it, let’s not forget dad here! Pick up some cute baby-daddy combination T-shirts, a nice weighted eye mask or even a book for him too.

Arranging a gift basket for the new parents could bring unexpected joy to you too. Though, if you feel daunted by the task, these new baby hampers from Pearsons are just the perfect rescue option for you.

Jeff Campbell

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