15 Amazing Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything

by Peter Minkoff, edits & additions by Jeff Campbell

Struggling to find gifts for dads who have everything?

Okay, Father’s Day might not be that close, but it’s never too early to start planning the perfect gift!

The one that will blow your old man away, even if he does seem like he has everything.

And besides, do you really need a special occasion to give your dad something to say “thanks for putting up with me all these years”?

Not really.

But what do you get a man who doesn’t need or want anything, or someone who seems like he has it all?

No matter what he might say, there is always something that can put a bigger smile on his face, you just need to tap into his passions and hobbies.

And if you are thinking about Father’s Day, don’t forget to add that perfect Father’s Day Quote to your card!

Here are some amazing gifts for dads who have everything.

For the avid reader

Reading is a noble hobby.

Fortunately for you, a dad who reads can never have everything. In fact, the possibilities to broaden his horizons or get him something new are endless.

There is always a new and exciting story to be read.

You can go the extra mile to research a novelist unfamiliar to him. Maybe their work would blow him away? Or you can opt to get him the complete works of his favorite writer.

Either way you are bound to hit the bullseye.

But if you’re feeling truly generous and inspired, get him a gift that will change his life for good!

Get him a Kindle e-reader or get him a Barns & Noble e-reader.

The Kindle is available on Amazon Prime for a great price and rates 4.5 stars with a whopping 57,000 reviews, so you know it’s an outstanding product!

Then once he’s got the reader, don’t forget to get him a few of the Top 100 Amazon ebooks!

It might take him some time to get used to this futuristic contraption, but he won’t be able to deny the functionality and usefulness of the little gadget. And it’s one of the best gifts for dads who have everything.

And if your Dad is in charge of the bills in your house, why not consider the Middle Class Dad’s Guide to Budgeting e-book? At only $5.99 it fits perfectly into any gift-giving budget!

For the fitness dad


Not every dad likes sporting the infamous “dad bod”.

Nor does every dad think that just because he’s past his prime he should allow himself to have a saggy gut and a weak physique overall.

Nope, your dad is one of those fitness freaks pounding the weights in the gym.

He’s sculpting a killer six-pack. And fortunately for you, you can always help your fitness dad become bigger, better, faster, and stronger.

So get him a new supplement, or fresh workout gear to allow him to safely push his limits.

A 5kg protein bag is sure to bring a tear to his eye, and a new Weight Lifting Belt might even make him release a shriek of excitement.

Analyze his fitness routine, and find the nutrition and training products he’ll love.

Want to know the top-rated fitness-related supplements on Amazon Prime?

Check out these winning products!

Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement – Boost Energy & Endurance – Over 3,500 reviews and 4.5 stars!

VINTAGE BRAWN – Muscle-Building Protein Powder – 4.5 stars and hundreds of reviews!

Sport Formula Daily Multivitamin Amino Acids Powder – Non-GMO and 4.5 stars!

In this category, there are always new gifts for dads who have everything.

For the geeky collector

Does he collect coins? Or stamps?

Or is he that “wildcard” who loves action figures and movie paraphernalia?

Is your dad is somewhat of a geek? Is he often reminiscing about the good old days when Han Solo was still the one who shot first?

Then he is in for a treat.

You can always enrich his geeky collection with cute Pop Vinyl figures depicting his favorite movie characters, past and present. That site has free shipping in Australia for orders over $89.

Not in Australia? Check out the Sci-fi and Superhero Pop Vinyls on Amazon too.

No matter which ones you get him, however, you want to make it an unforgettable experience.

So make sure you mount a Pop Vinyl Display Shelf in his man-cave that will hold his new figures, or scatter them around the house for him to find.

For the DIY nut


There are some dads that just, to the constant chagrin of your mother, can’t help but fiddle with the toolbox around the house.

They seemingly spend all weekend fixing what does and doesn’t need to be fixed. And they occasionally manage to break something in the process.

No matter if your dad is skilled with a wrench and a pair of pliers, or he strives to be one day, there is always a handy tool you can add to his collection.

Rummage around his toolbox a bit. Or inquire about his future projects.

Try to figure out what are the tools he needs to get the job done.

You might even consider replacing his old tool collection altogether with a fresh, modern batch with multiple functions and features.

The Stanley 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit is under $50 bucks on Amazon Prime with well over 1,600 reviews and 4.5 stars.

It would literally make for one of the best gifts for dads who have everything in the fix-it world!

For the adventurer

Your mum simply loves their frequent hikes into the wilderness. Or perhaps trekking across mountain ranges on their holidays?

Maybe she might find it more pleasing to lounge about in the hotel’s pool area? But your dad is the kind of guy who lives to explore the unknown!

So for his sake, get him a GPS tracking device for when he gets lost. After all, his cell phone may not work and most GPS work off satellites; not cell towers.

Make technology his friend and get him the tools he can use to enjoy his adventures more than ever before.

Throw in a portable water purifier, and a get him a survival kit containing a knife, a water-proof compass, a first-aid kit, and of course the classic Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Pocket Knife.

Check out more on the Swiss Army Knife at Backpacker Magazine.

There is always something new to bring to the table, no matter how determined your dad might seem that he has everything he needs.

Be sure to research his passions and hobbies, and use these unique gift ideas to get him a thoughtful present that will make him proud to call you his child.

The author of this post on the Dad Bod, Peter Minkoff, is a parenting writer for Voice Boks magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


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