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Top 7 Gifts for Your Ex-Husband

It’s great if you and your spouse have separated peacefully and maintain a friendly relationship after divorce, but choosing a gift in such a situation is still pretty challenging.

When thinking about a present for your ex, you should think about using the positive aspects of these complicated circumstances.

You probably know his tastes and interests well, and that is great. Yet, at the same time, you should avoid too personal items, ambiguous hints, and awkward situations.

We have selected the top seven gifts that can be considered as the golden mean. But whatever you choose, don’t forget to wrap it in the ultimate manly wrapping paper; bacon-scented wrapping paper from The Manly Man Company!

Personalized 3D Crystals

If you and your ex-spouse have children, their 3d crystal photo can be an excellent present. Such a beautiful personalized souvenir will not only keep warm memories for years to come but also decorate the interior.

ArtPix 3D offers different crystal types and shapes so that you can choose anything from keychains to more solid table figurines on a LEd stand.

Just upload any photo on the website and order your unique crystal online. ArtPix 3D is a very convenient way to create an original custom present in the shortest possible time and with the fast delivery of 3D crystals across the USA.


Books make the best gifts. So, this classic idea comes to the rescue even in such a complicated case as the need to congratulate the ex. Try to use your marital experience to your advantage and think about the recipient’s favorite writer, genre, or his hobbies.

It could be a business or time management book, fiction, an inspiring biography, an original travel guide for a travel enthusiast, or a chic photo book for an art lover.

Yet, be careful with psychology books about relationships and self-development. Such a present may be perceived as an unpleasant and embarrassing hint of past conflicts or even as an attempt to point out your ex-partner’s flaws.

Tickets for Events

Again, you are well aware of the interests of the person you were so close with, and you know what event he would not like to miss.

An excellent gift would be tickets to a concert of his favorite rock band, a festival, game, theater show, or exhibition. Such a gesture will show that past grievances are forgotten, and now, you wish him a good fortune, and you will be glad if he has fun.

Note that it is considered good manners to present two tickets. Thus, he will be able to invite someone to join him. Whether it’s a friend, a sibling, or a new girlfriend or wife, this matter is no longer your business.


High-quality accessories are a present that can be given to anyone, and, at the same time, it will come in handy and delight the recipient.

Consider gift ideas such as a leather belt, gloves, wallet, or scarf. Be sure to take into account the style, taste, or favorite brands of your ex-partner.

Perhaps during the marriage, you have been helping him choose wardrobe items, and your opinion was essential to him, or you were annoyed by some of his outfits, but the divorce leads to a new role for you. Give your ex-husband something that suits him and his current style.

Grooming Products

Another traditional gift idea for a stylish modern man is a variety of grooming products. However, keep in mind that, for example, perfume is a too romantic option when it comes to the present for your ex (after all, it seems to hint that the fragrance should remind him of you – and that is unacceptable!).

On the contrary, a vintage shaving set, a personalized straight razor, a beard grooming kit, or a barbershop gift certificate (if, of course, this service is relevant for your ex) are excellent non-committal gifts. Such items do not carry some personal messages and are useful and practical.

Alcohol and Bar Accessories

Elite alcohol is a win-win but straightforward gift option for a person appreciating good wine, rum, gin, or single barrel bourbon whiskey.

Such things are perfect for people who like to have guests, throw parties, and do it in style. And if you are looking for a more unusual option, you can give him a wine tour, wine/whiskey tasting gift certificate.

Fitness Gifts

If your ex-husband is into sports or some workout, you can give him plenty of useful things like, for example, a fitness tracker, wireless headphones, smart skipping rope, an adjustable dumbbell set, or intelligent sneakers.

Accessories like a new gym bag, jogging belt or phone carrier, yoga mat, boxing gloves, or some equipment are also excellent options. A gift box filled with protein bars and snacks will also please any person who actively participates in sports activities and prefers a healthy diet.

Jeff Campbell