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Why A Good Workspace Is Important

When you’re freelancing or working from home, it can be tempting to work just about anywhere that’s convenient. But have you ever wondered whether it’s actually a good idea to work from a cluttered kitchen table or to spend all day working in bed? Whether by establishing a home office or renting a desk in a coworking space, most highly successful freelancers and workers have taken the time to set up a dedicated workspace. Read on to learn more about why and how you can take your career to the next level by making space for yourself to succeed – literally!

A Good Workspace Can Increase Your Productivity

A recent study by Oxford University determined that workers who are happy are roughly 13% more productive than employees who are unhappy at the office.

Because happy workers work faster, they are able to accomplish more during their time at work. When you’re staring down a busy work week full of freelance deadlines or client meetings, knowing that you have a workspace that makes you feel happy and productive can give you the edge that you need to do the best work possible.

Make your workspace work for you by ensuring that it’s a space in which you feel happy and comfortable.

If you’re working from home, try to carve out a space for yourself with plenty of natural light and maybe even a few plants, which have been shown to boost workers’ happiness and increase their productivity by up to 15%. Looking for a work home away from home?

Many coworking spaces come with perks such as coffee, snacks, and ergonomic chairs that will help you give your happiness, and thus productivity, a major boost.

And of course, if you’re in Manhattan, there are tons of office rentals in NY city.

Good Workspaces Are Appealing To Future Employees

If you’re an employer trying to attract new hires to your business, you can’t do much better than by offering them a fun, dedicated space to work.

Consider companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook, which have managed to attract countless applicants in part by branding themselves as fun places to work, with perks such as nap rooms, gourmet chefs, and fun activities in which employees can engage. These amenities are invaluable in helping major companies attract and retain some of the brightest minds around.

But just because a fun workspace is appealing to future employees doesn’t mean there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to designing the perfect workspace.

A recent study indicated that 90% of managers think their workers are more happy and productive when they can choose where they want to work.

Allowing workers to decide what kind of workspace works best for them – whether it’s a standing desk in a coworking space or sitting on an exercise ball in an open-concept desk space – will help them feel happy, secure, and more productive than ever.

A Good Workspace Can Foster Innovation

Having a good workspace can make it easier for workers to more easily collaborate with each other and their bosses, thus making it easier for innovation to occur.

Good workspaces foster innovation by encouraging transparency and removing physical barriers between workers and their superiors.

For example, an open-door policy that encourages employees to bring unique, potentially risky ideas to their colleagues or bosses can lead to the sharing of ideas that may otherwise never come to light.

Creating a separate area where ideas can be discussed and refined, typically on a whiteboard or in a casual meeting room, is another great way to encourage experimentation that can lead to exciting breakthroughs.

Furthermore, a workspace with lots of perks can foster innovation by encouraging employees to think outside the box. Taking a break from work to go for a run, take a nap, or engage in some mid-day yoga can ensure that you’re refreshed and recharged when you return to your desk. Getting to walk around an office or coworking space that’s designed efficiently can also allow you to talk to new people and gain exciting new perspectives on certain projects.

No matter what you’re working on, you’ll be able to see your work in a whole new light when you approach it in a well-designed workspace.

Employees With Good Workspaces Enjoy Better Work-Life Balance

Whether you’re freelancing or working full-time at a company, there’s no denying that employees who have access to thoughtfully designed workspaces enjoy a better work-life balance.

When freelancers struggle with feeling like they should always be working, it’s likely because they don’t have a well-defined space in their homes to start and finish work every day.

This stress and misery can lead to feelings of unhappiness that can decrease productivity, thus creating a vicious cycle that’s not beneficial for any worker.

Research has shown that a healthy work-life balance is crucial for not only allowing workers to be happier, healthier, and more productive, but also financially beneficial for their employers, who can spend less money and time retaining happy employees than replacing them with new ones.

This shift in workplace culture can be made by ensuring that every employee has a dedicated space to call their own from which to work. The more time you spend working at a dedicated workspace, the less time you’ll spend frantically checking your email at the dinner table – and that’s a positive for everyone!

How To Get Started Finding A Dedicated Workspace

Finding or defining the perfect workspace depends on your work style and preferences. While many workers enjoy creating their own workspaces at home, others prefer the community and amenities that come with coworking spaces.

Take the time to determine what factors make you feel happy and productive, and then tailor your search to meet those criteria.

Jeff Campbell