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Great Games to Get You Thinking

Card games are the original pastime activity, but they are still great fun for when you have a spare five minutes

You want a little fun, but you want to do it guilt-free. When we’re faced with free time, all we really want to do is kick back and relax, but it can pay to invest in yourself a bit as well.

Next time you’re sitting down in front of the television with a microwave meal, why not dare to shake things up a bit? You can still have plenty of fun and genuinely relax, but you can do it in a way that’s beneficial to you.

Try one of these games – you might enjoy them and if not, at least your brain will have had a bit of a workout.

Card Games

Card games are particularly good if you want something quick to learn that you can play without having to write a shopping list. If quicker decision-making and logic skills are what you’d like to improve, then poker games can be a good place to start.

Understanding card rankings and acting quickly without giving the game away takes time to master, but you’ll have fun in the process.

If poker isn’t your thing, then games like rummy are easy to pick up with a bit of online tuition.

YouTube is a great resource for learning how to play card games. For card games like rummy, you will need at least one other person to play with, but if you live in a house full of you, then it could be a fun way to get everyone involved in some social time.


If you’re looking for some games night inspiration then look no further. This board game has been around forever, and there’s a good reason for that, it is still great fun. Risk requires you to work either on your own, as a team, or strategically gang up on other players to take over enemy territory.

This game is out an out strategy, encouraging you to think deviously to emerge as a victor. There are four different ways to play the game depending on how well you know it, how many players there are, or how much time you have.

The two-player version is fairly self-explanatory, whilst the Capital version is a shorter option. The Secret Mission version is an exciting one where all players rush to complete a mission shown only to them on the cards. Of course, the classic is everyone’s favorite, but be prepared to put aside a good couple of hours to play it through to the end.

Car Games

Car games are always a great addition to your arsenal of games.

Imagine the fun of pretending that you are on a high-speed racing circuit. Take on competitors from different locations worldwide. You can experience this when you play a game like Drift Hunters. The Drift Hunters tutorial will take you through how to setup up your car, select your track and teach you the basic techniques of drifting.

Before long you will be driving in the high-speed 3D world that the game creates. You will start out with a selected car but as your drifting techniques improve you will get upgrades to other cars. You will be able to customize any car you get. There is also a wide range of racing circuits for you to choose from. It won’t be long before you are a racing pro!

Strategy Based PC Games

There are thousands upon thousands of strategy games that you can play on your PC, but not all are created equal. Some games are shooters, or simulations hiding under the guise of strategy, but one game comes out on top time after time: Sid Meier’s Civilization II.

This game is rated an incredibly impressive 94 on Metacritic and has remained a favorite amongst gamers since its release in 1996.

You begin the game back in the Stone Age, around 4000 BC when your tribe must find their way in the surroundings you have been given. You can explore, build and battle, to ensure your empire becomes successful. Not only is this game the perfect way to train a strategic mind, but it also teaches us about history and different civilizations along the way.

For a PC game to last several decades is unheard of, but this game is one of the few that is on the brink of managing it.

Jeff Campbell