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10 Giant Lollipops & Other Great Sweets Decorations For Kids Events

If it is a Willy Wonka candy land theme you are going for, decorating with sweets and lollipops is a brilliant way to make any kids’ event feel magical. After all, what excites kids more than sugar! The decorations can then double up as party favors and make for a memorable event. 

The best 10 sweet decorations and giant lollipops

Depending on the size of your event, you may want to make some of these decorations yourself. However, it is often better to buy the sweets in bulk if it is a bigger event. There are many wholesale sweet websites around, but a reliable one I have found is They offer a wide variety, and whether you plan to buy in bulk and then make your creations, the ideas below will get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Giant Lollipops

If you want to create a statement, then a Giant Lollipop is something everyone will be talking about. You could fill vases with them to make brilliant table decorations. They can be used at either side of an entrance to make it feel even more special.

1. Candy necklaces

Another great thing to use when decorating your kids’ event is candy necklaces which you can hand out to guests as they arrive; you can also make these on your own if you want.

2. Cotton Candy station

Have a Cotton Candy stand as your guests walk in for a fairground feel; youcan pick a colour that will match your theme. Cotton Candy can also look cool stacked up in vases or bowls.

3. Gummy Bear Baubles

You can make gummy bear baubles to hang from a tree or around the room; these are easily made with a candy of your choice, a styrofoam ball, just use cocktail sticks to place the gummy bears into the styrofoam.

4. A Cake 

A cake is always a must at any event and should be the centerpiece. You can decorate the cake with more sweets to make it even more extravagant.

5. Cup Cake stands

Decorate the cake table with smaller cake stands filled with little cupcakes in different colours which match your event theme.

6. Sweetie Jars

Taking simple mason jars and filling them with your favorite sweets is another great idea, you can leave scoops and bags and party-goers can help themselves make a pick n mix of sweet treats of their own.

7. Marshmallow trees

Marshmallow trees are really easy to make and are great centerpieces for tables. You can use buckets or pots as a base and then use styrofoam balls to stick the marshmallows into.

8. Toffee Apples

Toffee Apples are not just for Halloween, a really easy decoration to make yourself with a bag of apples and some homemade toffee.

9. Ice Cream Bar

Creating your own ice cream and sprinkles bar is another great way to have an edible decoration. Simple bowls of ice cream with different toppings like sprinkles, milk buttons, gummy sweets will have everyone talking about your event for weeks.


Whether you decide to make your own or buy some ready-made, there are many different options for your kids’ event to create something appealing for both the tummy and the eyes. With so many ideas, you can keep it simple, pick just a few or go all out, enjoy the day, and deal with the sugar high tomorrow! 


Jeff Campbell