Feeding the Fam: The Top Grocery Shopping Tips Parents Need to Know

As a parent, you want your family to eat right, but you don’t want it to cost a fortune. Balancing both nutrition and the budget means shopping smarter, and using some smart grocery shopping tips.

Cruising through the aisles of the grocery store, one can feel amazed at the high prices for some items and the unhealthy ingredients displayed on the labels like high fructose, trans fats, and preservatives.

In this post, you’ll learn how to buy nutritional food for your family that won’t cost your entire paycheck. Here are the top grocery shopping tips you need to know about.

Smart Grocery Shopping Tips for Parents

This blog article will offer you wise grocery shopping tips. You’ll learn how to save some cash while you buy healthy and delicious food items for your family.

1. Health and Wealth Goes Hand in Hand

Buying more nutritional foods can save you money in the long run. By eating healthy today, you’re teaching your family how to make better food decisions.

When you and your family eat nutritional foods that strengthen the immune system, it means fewer trips to the doctor’s office and fewer days to take off from work.

2. Take a Little More Time Comparing Grocery Items

While it might take a little more time, you’ll be surprised how much you can save when you compare items. Go to the grocery store with a list and don’t forget to bring coupons. You can save hundreds of dollars with coupons in one trip.

Check the unit prices labels. Before you know it you’ll be an expert and doing this at a speedy rate.

3. Freeze Unused Food

Sometimes buying in bulk or for several meals can save you money–and time for another trip to the store.

After you prepare a meal, make enough for two days and put the second day in the freezer. Be sure to use a freezer bag or a solid container.

Storing meals in the freezer for later saves you time. It’s easy to put it in the microwave or reheat it in the oven another day.

This is a time-saver when you don’t feel like cooking after a hard day’s work. If it’s a meal your family enjoys, they’ll thank you for it.

If you store a few meals, make sure to date the container with a marker.

4. Buy Food in Bulk

One of the best grocery shopping tips I’ve ever heard is to buy things in bulk. Buying value-sized meals as they offer in Costco Stores can save you lots of cash.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying paper towels, laundry detergent or food items, buying your staples in bulk make good savings.

5. Look Online for Your Favorite Brands

Subscribing to the email lists and Twitter feeds or Facebook coupons for your favorite brands can help you gain access to discounts, promotions, and even free giveaways.

6. Plan Your Purchases Around Promotions

Do you look through the circulars delivered to your home or toss them out? You can learn what stores are offering “buy one, get one” sales and hit the stores during these times.

For example, if your family loves ribs, one store near you might be selling them two-for-one. You can save a lot of money on meats this way. A 2-for-1 deal will enable you to cook one and freeze the other one for another meal.

Or cook them both up and make sandwiches the rest of the week, instead of ordering takeout during your lunch break.

7. Buy Generic Brands: Name Brands Cost More

You don’t need to buy the highest-priced brand name for every food item. It helps to buy generic food items, too. Often store brands are made from the same ingredients.

One way to know is to look at the label. If the Nutritional Facts and the ingredients read the same, you’re getting a similar product as the name brand for less the price with the generic.

8. Don’t Buy Prepared Foods

Grocery staff can make platters and prepared foods look so appealing to eat. But there’s no need to buy a prepared package of watermelon slices when you can buy the entire watermelon.

Remember, prepared foods cost more because someone had to take the time to make them.

Instead of buying chocolate pudding in a package, get the one in the box. Make it a family project and invite the kids to help. Who will lick the spoon?

9. Bring the Kids with You

Bringing the kids shopping with you can be an educational experience. Just make sure they eat first or give them a snack to ward off any impulse buying.

Show your children how to choose healthy foods like vegetables and fruits in the produce section. You can teach them how to identify when produce items are ripe for the picking.

Instead of rewarding kids with a piece of candy, reward them with a slice of fruit they picked out.

10. Shop on Double and Triple-Coupon Days

Consider doing your shopping on double and triple coupon days. Many states have them. Here is a list of states, cities, and stores that participate. It’s a great time to get killer deals.

11. Buy Low-Priced Foods That Contain High Nutrition

It’s no secret that meats can rack up your grocery bill. Rather than having a bunch of meat in your grocery cart, try switching it up a bit.

Here are some low-cost food items that contain good nutrition:

  • Peanut butter
  • canned fish (crabmeat, tuna, and salmon cost less than fresh fish).
  • Lentil beans
  • Eggs
  • Tofu
  • Brown rice, oats or barley
  • Potatoes
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables (super-rich in nutritional value and cost less than fresh fruit)

12. Stock Up on Sale Items

One of the best grocery shopping tips out there is to stock up on sale items. Look for coupons in circulars, check the sales in the aisles.

In some stores, they have a separate coupon booklet you can find on a rack in front of the store. You must present the coupon to the grocery attendant to get the discount. So look for them on the way in.

13. Cut Down on Buying Your Family Sugary Foods

We all know sugary foods like candy, cookies and soft drinks taste good, but they’re bad for your family. Sugar breaks down tooth enamel and helps bacteria feed on your teeth and gums.

Sugary foods also put extra weight on your family’s body, so keep these sugary treats to a minimum.

The Bottom Line on Top Grocery Shopping Tips

Now you know the best grocery shopping tips to help your family eat right and save money. Follow these tips and you’ll be amazed just how much money you can save.

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