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3 Scientific Principles To Grow Your Business & Finances

Are you wondering how to bring your finances to the next level?

Maybe you’ve recently started a project and you’re making a decent amount of money. However, you probably would be happier making even more of what you do, ideally on as much autopilot as possible. 

The truth is that, unless you implement a system that works for you, you‘ll always run behind your business to make the money that you desire.

But what if you can learn 3 actionable tips that will let you automate, effectively market, and scale your business by doing 1/10 of effort? Keep reading to find it out.

This will get you clarity even if you are a beginner entrepreneur with zero business experience.

My First Online Consulting Business

When I started my dating online consulting business, I was making something more than €10k/year by selling coaching calls during the first year.

The problem was that I was chasing customers and this was a very time-consuming and draining process that took most of my time. I was happy about my job because I helped my clients get girls and hook-up on Tinder.

One day I realized that this couldn’t last forever or I’d be a slave of my own business. That’s when the big idea came to my mind.

Being in the consulting business, the first move I had to do was creating a product that other people than me could sell. 

That’s what I called the process of making your business sellable by others.

So I created a video course based on my coaching program that I started to market via some salespeople that I later selected to build a strong sales team.

I asked 100 people to sell my courses and took the best 7 sellers out of them. This helped me get more control over their quality and helped me focus on their growth as salespeople.

It’s important indeed that you choose the right salespeople for your team or you’ll go nowhere. 

That changed my business forever and made me make enough money on autopilot to start traveling the world at the age of 28. 

This can happen to you as well because the principles I’m about to share with you work regardless of the business you operate.

Having said this, the real question is one: How can you boost your revenues while working less?

Let’s find it out below.

Tip #1: 80/20 Investing

Have you ever heard of the Pareto principle? 

This principle has been discovered by Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist that during his career started to notice some universal patterns.

Indeed, he saw that in various systems, 80% of effects were created by 20% of causes. This means that ⅘ of what happens in your life is only caused by ⅕ of the actions you take. 

Can you feel how powerful this principle can be if applied to business?

Many entrepreneurs wrongly focus on the things that will never bring them the results they need. 

That’s a failing approach.

What if you identify the key 1-3 business activities that will raise your income?  In my case, that was booking more consulting calls daily.

Tip #2: Get a Business Coach

I can’t stress how important it is to have a business coach that points you in the right direction. One thing that helped me grow my consulting business faster was hiring somebody that had already done what I wanted to do. 

This doubled my income in just 6 months, that’s why I believe this is a priceless opportunity to get in.

Moreover, even some of the most successful people on the planet have their mentors, so why shouldn’t you? Get the ball rolling and if you follow the Pareto principle, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll do a great job.

Tip #3: Create a System

Finally, one of the best ways to increase your finances is creating a system that brings you in clients on a predictable basis.

This means hiring people that do the rest of the 80% non-profitable activities, so that you can leverage their skills and time instead of your, to get what you want.

Then, if you implemented the right system, you’ll just need to increase its inputs so that the feedback loop gets bigger and bigger until you can scale it to your target goals.

That’s also a strategy that major business leaders are constantly applying to make it big out there.

Make sure to hire the right people anyway as the Pareto principle also applies here. This means that only 20% of the people you hire will do the big 80% of productivity your business needs.

If you can focus your time and energies on them, you’ll create more leverage and impact your business as never before. 

Not many business owners know this, that’s why they keep hiring bad people for their businesses.


Now you know 3 powerful tips to grow your finances that you can apply from today. 

Realize that if you apply them all, you’ll be ahead of 90% of business owners worldwide and you’ll finally get to the life you want to live.

What principle will you be starting with?

Comment below!

Jeff Campbell