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 Halo vs Other Laser Treatment: Its Difference and Benefits

Thanks to advances in technology, people have more treatment options than ever before. This holds for a wide range of medical conditions, including skin concerns. 

Individuals looking for laser scar removal near me will need to see a doctor to learn which treatment option best meets their needs. Many people find Halo laser resurfacing serves as the best option for a variety of reasons. However, what other options are offered? 

Halo Laser Resurfacing

Halo laser resurfacing brings together ablative and non-ablative wavelengths. This allows the laser to penetrate deeper into the skin. With the help of this laser, a doctor can reduce the signs of aging while reducing or eliminating the appearance of scars. 

Controlled heat provided by the hybrid laser removes any damage to the skin. This allows healthy cells to rise to the surface and improve the patient’s appearance. It accomplishes this by treating damage at the dermal level along with the skin’s surface. 

Patients state they look and feel younger after undergoing this laser resurfacing procedure. The only concern a person may have is the downtime associated with this treatment. 

Speak to the doctor about the recovery time. This varies based on the severity of the condition and the depth of the laser’s penetration. Upon seeing the area to be treated, the doctor can provide an estimate regarding the recovery time. 

Broadband Light Laser Treatments

BroadBand Light (BBL) treatments use intense pulsed light therapy to allow patients to see improvement in only one session. Multiple wavelengths of this light address redness, rosacea, brown spots, and broken capillaries on the skin. 

The darker pigments present in the skin are headed, absorbed, and then broken down. The use of the laser stimulates the natural wound-healing response of the body to improve the appearance of the treated area. BBL is ideal for those patients who need surface-level pigmentation treatment. 

BBL treatments come with minimal downtime. Furthermore, patients feel little discomfort during the procedure. Nevertheless, it cannot address as many conditions as Halo can. 

In addition, patients might find they need more treatment sessions if they opt for BBL over Halo. Some patients find they need six treatments with BBL, while Halo typically only requires one or two. 

MOXI Laser Procedures

Individuals who want to address skin conditions over their lunch break should consider MOXI. This treatment works best for superficial sun damage and minimal signs of aging. It won’t be of help to those who have more extensive skin damage. 

Due to the lack of heat associated with this treatment, many doctors recommend it for melasma. It won’t produce the hyperpigmentation that remains a concern with other laser treatment options. 

In addition, doctors recommend this for patients who want to keep their skin looking young. Many people use it to slow the signs of aging and retain their youthful skin. 

There is no open wound when a person chooses MOXI treatments. What this treatment does is brighten the skin.

There is minimal downtime with this procedure. Patients can expect to experience redness of the skin for approximately three to four days following the treatment. This skin may also feel warm. 

Patients should discuss all options with their doctor. The doctor examines the area to be treated and makes recommendations on what they see. This ensures patients see the desired results with minimal treatments. 

Learn more today about different laser treatment options. The choice of laser depends on several factors. For those with superficial damage, MOXI or BBL may be enough. However, for more extensive damage, HALO remains the preferred treatment of doctors. 

Jeff Campbell