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4 Health and Wellness Trends to Try!

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For many of us, the past year has been about surviving, and our usual routines around fitness and wellness may have gone out of the window. Working out from home was the only option in many instances, and mental well-being is something that took a dive for many of us too, with a lack of control of our lives and so much uncertainty and changing. If you are looking to make changes to your health and well-being, then you can still do that, with caution for the current and ever-changing situation.

So with all of that in mind, here are some wellness and health trends that you could look to give a try, if you are interested in trying something new.

Mindful eating

When you are someone who eats mindfully, you are more aware of what you are eating and how you’re eating it. Mindful eating is all about being in tune with how you feel, which is such a good thing when it comes to eating less and maintaining your weight.

Many are taking a probiotic daily to help with the gut flora balance.

If you are someone who finds themselves scrolling on their phone when eating or grabbing a sandwich to eat in the car, then things need to change, as that is so far from being mindful.

If you need more ideas about this you could look at the site, but why not try planning out your meals and deciding when you will eat to see if you feel and notice a difference?

Essential oils

Essential oils have been around for such a long time, but it is only more recently that they have become big news on the wellness scene.

There are many examples of them working and being of benefit, for a variety of different ailments. The oils to try do depend on what you are looking to treat or do, but you could also think about looking into hemp products for wellness, using a site like

If you are looking to deal with anything like chronic pain or anxiety, then it could be a consideration.

Forest bathing

What is forest bathing and why is it taking over as a great way for people of all ages to rest and relax?

It is an ancient Japanese practice focused on relaxing. It is a simple method of making sure that you are calm and quiet, when in a forest or woodland, among the trees. You can observe nature, take deep breaths, de-stress, and then help to boost your health and wellbeing in a way that is completely natural. 

Plant-based eating

If you want to improve your overall health, then have you ever considered a plant-based diet?

What makes it different from a vegan diet is that it doesn’t have any processed or refined foods, so it really is a healthy way to eat. There have been studies that have shown that eating this way can prolong your life and lead to an improvement of things like cardiovascular disease and cholesterol levels, so it could be a trend worth giving a try.

Jeff Campbell