10 Amazing Benefits of Health Care at Home for Your Aging Parents

As your parents age, you need to start looking into healthcare options that suit them best. Check out these amazing benefits of health care at home.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, then it will soon. The day will come when your parents begin to age.

And when they do, you’ll need to make sure that they are well cared for and comfortable.

The key to their well being is bringing in-home health care to them.

Read on for the top 10 benefits of health care at home so you’ll be ready to help your parents continue to live happy, fulfilling lives as they age.

1. One of the Biggest Benefits of Health Care at Home Is Comfort

A majority of senior citizens have said that they will prefer to stay in their own homes rather than live in a long-term care facility.

It’s likely that your parents have lived a significant amount of time in their homes. They’ve created a comfortable space, filled with things they love and reminders of family and happy memories.

Allowing your parents the opportunity to remain in their home as they age will guarantee their comfort.

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2. Home Health Care Is More Affordable

Although the cost of home health care will vary based on several factors, it’s usually less expensive than the alternative long-term care facilities.

Cost factors include:

  • Type of care or skills needed
  • Number of hours per week a provider is needed

You’ll be able to determine these specific factors for your parents with the help of their doctor. On average, however, live-in care is not only better for their health, but will also cost them less over time.

3. Family Members Enjoy More Peace of Mind

Family members experience a range of fears as they consider the long-term care of their parents.

Peace of mind is found in knowing that your parents can stay in their home, where they feel comfortable, safe, and at ease.

Knowing that someone else is there to help when you can’t be will allow family members to sleep well at night.

4. Home Health Care Is One-On-One

A common fear among the family members of aging loved ones is neglect and loneliness in a long-term care facility.

With in-home health care, you can rest assured that your parents will receive one-on-one attention at all times. Their caregivers won’t be concerned about caring for the needs of anyone except your loved one.

5. Maintain ADLs

ADLs or “Activities of Daily Living” are crucial in the lives of aging adults.

In-home care providers can assist your loved ones in participating in ADLs that contribute to their routine.

Some examples of healthy ADLs include:

  • Exercising regularly (walks, water aerobics, etc.)
  • Visiting friends and neighbors
  • Going to significant public spaces (parks, libraries, markets)
  • Running errands

ADLs give purpose and variation to your loved one’s life. And they are made possible by remaining at home and with the help of an in-home care specialist.

6. Ease the Burden of Care for Family Members

Caring for your parents as they age can be a heavy burden to bear. And if you’re not a licensed, trained, medical professional, then caring for their health can feel like an impossible task.

One of the greatest benefits of in-home care is that family members can spend their time and energy on normal social interactions. That leaves medication and food management, home maintenance, and other difficult tasks to the professionals.

7. Better Medical Outcomes and Recovery Times

Research shows that people who receive home health care after a surgery or hospitalization have better health outcomes than those who are transferred to long-term care facilities.

Their recoveries are more successful, they’re less likely to be hospitalized again for the same reasons, and they experience overall better health than their peers living in nursing homes.

8. Spouses and Pets

If your loved one still has a living spouse, then in-home care allows them to continue to live together. The companionship of a spouse contributes greatly to the emotional well being of a loved one.

Additionally, those who have pets often are not allowed to keep them if they go into a care facility. This is due in part to allergy risks as well as space limitations.

Being separated from pets and spouses can cause great emotional and mental distress, which can have detrimental consequences for their overall health.

9. Higher Quality of Life

Because of the access to a familiar environment, important social relationships, and ADLs, your parents will experience a higher quality of life.

These are resources that they just can’t get in a long-term care facility. And remember, the goal is to help them live a happy and healthy life.

10. Custom to Your Loved One’s Needs

Not all in-home health care providers and services are the same, and that’s because every situation is different.

The type of care you select for your parents will depend on how much involvement they need and how much time they need care.

Some people just need simple companionship. Others need medication and food management. And others may need assistance with bathing and more extensive medical needs.

Whatever your parents’ needs, there is a home health care provider who can help.

Remember This

The well being and happiness of your aging parents should be your top priority. With in-home care providers, you can rest assured that you’re providing them with the best care.

And the benefits of health care at home are immeasurable. Choose home health today for your loved ones!

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