Managing Health Concerns As You Age

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As our loved ones or we get older, it comes with more health concerns. Being aware of what these health concerns are and how they can be managed will go a long way when it comes to ensuring a happy life. 

Oral Health

Oral health is the most overlooked health concern for all ages, but it is especially true for the elderly.

The CDC shows that about a quarter of all people over the age of 65 no longer have their natural teeth. It is important to find affordable dentures to ensure that a healthy lifestyle can still be maintained. 

Oral health is related to many other health conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, so it is important to focus on dental health and keep in close contact with your dentist about other health problems and medications you may be taking. 

Cognitive Health

Caring for someone who has cognitive health issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s can be a struggle.

There are many factors that can contribute to poor cognitive health like genetics, substance abuse, depression, HIV, and smoking. Taking care in your younger years to protect your body can help you out a lot as you age. 

Mental Health

Depression in older adults is much higher than most people think.

Promoting a healthy social life to avoid isolation is a great way to help stem the flow of mental health disorders. Going into a doctor for regular checkups and being honest about how you are feeling will also ensure that any issues are dealt with quickly. 

Chronic Health Conditions

Most seniors suffer from at least one health condition that is chronic.

A vast majority also have more than one. Things like heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are the most common, and they cause two-thirds of deaths each year. Ways to manage these conditions is to keep in close contact with your doctor, maintain a healthy diet, and keep exercising.

These things will also help reduce the possibility of obesity which is also on the rise among the elderly. 


Falling and other injuries are a major concern as a person ages.

Injuries happen more often and can have long-term side effects. As we get older, bones get smaller, and there is a loss of muscle strength and flexibility. This means a loss of balance, and it is easier to break a bone or get bruises.

Modifications to your home, educating yourself about your limitations, and increasing physical activity can all help prevent injuries. 

Sensory Impairments

Vision and hearing loss is another condition that affects a lot of seniors.

Over the age of 70, it increases drastically to one in six adults having a visual impairment and one in four having a hearing impairment. Both of these issues are easily treated with glasses or hearing aids. More and more new technologies are also becoming available to help limit any issues associated with these health concerns.

Catching problems early will help to stem any diseases from progressing and causing more issues.

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