Health Insurance in the United States

The US health insurance system may not be the best, but benefits can be cheap and good quality for workers.

Health insurance – there is a lot of speculation about it and sometimes someone thinks that there is probably no health insurance in the USA at all and you become impoverished immediately.

Obviously, medical coverage in the USA can be had and it is moderate. In the event that you have a vocation.

Be that as it may, and that makes it troublesome, there is a levy wilderness and a practically unmanageable assortment of suppliers so that you need a great deal of time and associates who can offer guidance. Which administration you get for which sum and which supplier is the best is likewise a little science since negative sides are obscure and just the positive sides of the protection are constantly featured.

In any case, with a little help from your friends, you are bound to success.

Cheap health and travel insurance

Anyone who has just booked a long trip, a semester abroad, a work & travel stay or something similar should not be surprised by anticipation and wanderlust – just as important as good preparation is the appropriate international health insurance for a stay abroad. Some may wonder why you need additional insurance abroad if you are already legally / privately insured at home.

Because health care costs in the United States are among the highest in the world, insurance premiums are also very expensive. Since many US citizens cannot afford this, a large part of the population is not insured at all. However, American legislation guarantees that hospitals in the event of medical emergencies provide medical care to everyone regardless of their solvency.

However, insurance often does not cover all costs, so Americans have to pay or pay many medical services themselves. Americans who are not insured are generally expected to pay for their medical care in the event of illness. It is therefore not surprising that the most common reason for personal insolvency is medical bills after hospitalization.

Thanks to the 2010 health reform, millions of previously uninsured Americans could afford health insurance, partly through government grants.

The so-called “Affordable Care Act” has made insurance in USA different:

  • Compulsory insurance for all US citizens
  • No exclusion of people with previous illnesses from the health insurance companies
  • Parents can insure their children up to the age of 26
  • A penalty fee of 2% of household income for non-insurance
  • Introduction of the state-regulated Obamacare stock exchanges (“Health Insurance Marketplace”)


International health insurance for a longer stay in the United States is mandatory for the visa and thus entry into the United States and is a good investment in any case.

Nowhere in the world are the treatment costs as expensive as in the USA. But where do the immense costs for medical care come from? Which of the many tariffs should I choose? And what is travel cancellation insurance good for? Below is a basic overview of the most important information about international insurance.

Inquire extensively before you decide on a suitable tariff.

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