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Your Hearing Is Important, Don’t Ignore It

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Your ears and your hearing are very important assets. It’s how we communicate with our kids, our friends, and how we listen to everything around us, the good and the bad! It’s important to protect it from an early age as well as instilling this into our kids too, to avoid losing your hearing or needing any type of hearing assistance in the future.

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Naturally, our ears begin to become less sharp as we get older, due to wear and tear and damage to the hair inside the ears. This means the sound is absorbed differently. The older we get, the more damage we have incurred. It is highly advisable to visit your local hearing clinic if you feel a decline in your hearing ability.

Here is how you can take great care of your hearing and be sure that you make it last a lifetime, for your sake and your family’s. 

What to do if you have already been diagnosed with hearing loss?

If you already need a hearing aid, then don’t think that it’s the end of the road. It’s going to improve your hearing but for a first time user it can be daunting so it’s best to get to grips and learn what the best hearing aid will be for you. With or without hearing loss, however, these simple steps and guides will help you protect your ears for longer: 

  1. Don’t clean out your ears with Q-tips – we often make the mistake of putting cotton Q-tips into our ears to clean out wax but they are not ideal at all. They can push the wax further in the ear. Wax naturally migrates on its own but try some olive oil if you really need some assistance. 
  2. Don’t have loud music on – it’s easy to turn the sound up on our headphones in busy environments such as on trains or in public but this isn’t helpful and it is incredibly damaging and can lead to tinnitus or hearing problems. Have them at a comfortable level but not high. 
  3. Wear earplugs – if you are in a situation or work in an environment where there are loud noises then you must wear earplugs. It will help cushion the sound. This way, you will help your ears and protect them, such as at concerts, in clubs or airplanes. 
  4. Have a hearing test – if you are concerned about your hearing then get yourself checked out! This is vital. You will want to get them checked every few years and ensure your kids get them checked too as hearing problems can start at a young age!
  5. Exercise more and keep a positive mind – if you suffer from any chronic conditions that affect the ears then exercising is a good way to distract you and also improve symptoms. Keep a positive mind and practice mindfulness as this will greatly assist you. 

Keeping your ears healthy relates to keeping your body healthy as everything comes hand in hand.

So be sure to let your kids know the importance of this. Hearing is wonderful so don’t take it for granted too much! It’s time to take care of your ears.

Jeff Campbell