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How to De-stress, Help Your Partner & Improve Your Relationship

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Stress can be something that can impact your relationships more than you think it can. Part of the issue with this is that stress is something that we can all experience each day. As a result, we can not realize that we are stressed, and our partners can almost become immune to how we respond to stress and not spot any warning signs. But ignoring stress can actually be quite damaging.

In fact, stress can actually be quite contagious, and if you are feeling stressed, then you are likely to be making your partner feel stressed too, as they will feel unable to relax and enjoy time together.

So to avoid arguments, added stress, and further relationships, taking some steps to reduce your stress can make a big difference. Here are some ways that you can spot stress, how to help your partner, and how to overcome it as a couple.

Comfort first

A lot of partners might forget to comfort or console their partner when something is hard and stressful because they just go in and want to try and solve it right away.

But comforting each other first is the first thing to do, and then you can problem solve the second.

This can help with stress relief, rather than adding to it by being asked a lot of questions to ‘solve’ something. Hugging and touch can be a great relief when feeling stressed.

Get active together

Being able to take part in some physical activities is a great way to help to reduce some stress.

It can be fun, a great stress reliever, and a good way to spend some quality time together. You can try new things, which can be really fun and a good way to reignite your relationship as a couple.

Keep posted on your partner’s schedule

If you can be on top of your partner’s schedule and agenda, then it can be a good way to spot some stressors.

If you know that they get stressed when there are meetings at work, or they are more stressed on a certain day because of particular things that the children are doing, then you can be better prepared to help them.

Even if you can’t help them, you can know why they are feeling like they feel, and not hold it against them.

Aids to Help

There are some aids that you can get to help you and your partner with stress, so they could be worth a try.

Something like a weighted blanket can be a good idea, as they can be great for stress relief as they are an added level of comfort. So why not discover the benefits and then you can see if it would work for you.

You could also think about playing calming music as a way to relieve stress, and you could also think about making sure that they have enough time to do things like getting a babysitter, for example.

There are different things that could help, so find out what will work best for you and for your partner.