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Helping Your Young Adult Start Their Career

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Many parents view a child’s college graduation as both one of their crowning achievements and an ending to a chapter in their parenting life. Amid the backdrop of graduation caps thrown high, this doesn’t signify the end of your journey as a parent. You’ve got more work to do besides getting college graduation gifts for him. This isn’t meant to cut your celebration short, but after this brief moment of victory, reality tends to hit hard.

The Hard Truth

The vast majority of colleges do close to nothing to prepare students for the transition to the real world. Despite the drastic changes that the labor market has undergone, the teaching curriculum of most colleges remains mostly unchanged, and they seem to be made for those who lived in a market where getting a college degree truly guaranteed a job. 

Sadly, we’re dealing with a market that’s oversaturated and highly competitive, which means that most college graduates may not even find a job six months after graduation, which is also the grace period before student loan collectors start calling.

Build a Good Work Ethic Early

Old habits like discipline, patience, punctuality, and industriousness are rare among college graduates, made evident in this LinkedIn article. There’s a good reason why employers are averse to hiring fresh graduates, and it isn’t because of their lack of experience.

Rather, it’s because most fresh grads have yet to establish a good work ethic, and this shows in their personalities. Give your child an edge by building these good habits early.

Invest in Career Development Coaching Programs

Despite the tens of thousands of dollars you’ve spent to send your child to college, it’s highly likely that your child’s college never provided training on making career choices or getting a job.

Primarily, career development coaches help pinpoint the best aspects of your credentials and they help clients market these credentials to potential employers. They are also skilled in resume building, negotiating, and network building.

Hiring a career coach will drastically improve your child’s chances of landing a first job.

Help Maintain Their Internet Image

Most recruitment managers do a social media background check on their candidates before making a hiring decision. Social media gives potential employers a glimpse of what a candidate is like. It’s important to create and maintain a personal brand online.

The manner in which you present yourself online is just as important as the way you present yourself in person.

Leverage Family Relationships and Business Contacts

If all else fails, you might need to leverage your network to give your child his or her first break. Remember that the current market is incredibly competitive and it’s far more difficult for fresh grads to land a job. If your child is averse to the idea of leveraging connections to secure a job, try to encourage the idea that this is only to help them launch their careers.

Whether their careers thrive or fail wholly depends on their abilities and work ethics.

Remember that your child still looks up to you for guidance and support, even when they’ve attained their college degree. Don’t be afraid to pass the torch to those next in line once you’ve achieved career success. Fatherhood is a never-ending and thankless job, but it’s the one that’s most worthwhile.

Jeff Campbell