Hidden Hearing : Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss


Nothing says aging like failing eyesight and starting to worry that you’re missing something in a conversation. It can be embarrassing to admit that you’re struggling but when it comes to a choice between missing out on the banter and cut and thrust of family life, then you will need to take action.

In this blog, we take a look at the signs and symptoms of hearing loss and what you can expect if you need to go and get it checked out.

Signs of Hearing Loss

There are plenty of telltale signs that your hearing might have lost its edge slightly.

You might find that you’re constantly pressing the volume up button on the remote control or that the radio in the car always seems to be set lower than you’d like.

Your family will no doubt be the first to comment on how loud the television is, so listen to them when they tell you it’s not the television, it’s you.

There are other symptoms too that start off with quite subtle differences and then creep into your everyday life.

The conversation in a group that is harder and harder to follow or having to ask a colleague to repeat themselves several times over lunch. It can be exhausting and if you find yourself mentally washed out after a day of interactions and conversations with people then you may have a hearing problem.

For a while, it’s possible to fake it by reading lips as much as you can and laughing along with the joke in a crowd.

However, you know that’s not sustainable and when you get to the point when you can’t do it anymore it’s time to book your hearing center appointment.

Hearing Checkup

Far from being the scary appointment, you think it might be, a hearing test is not going to cause you any pain or discomfort so learn more here. You’ll have a test to determine what you can hear and what sounds are out of your range and you may also have a professional look inside your ears to see if there are any other reasons for hearing loss, a build-up of wax for example.

If it transpires that you do need to have a little extra hearing help in the form of a hearing aid, you’re going to be presented with several options.

The traditional behind the ear version is no longer the huge, bulky lump it once was and is instead rather more discreet. It can also come in different shades that match your skin tone, so is more easily camouflaged.

There are also in-ear options that are even harder to spot and can give you back your hearing confidence without everyone knowing you’re wearing a hearing aid. Whatever you choose, find solutions that give you the hearing you deserve.

The worst thing you can do is to ignore the issues. Instead, face it head-on with the confidence that you’ll soon have that television back to normal levels and be in the heart of conversations around the dinner table, without missing a thing.

Jeff Campbell

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