5 Things to Consider Before Hiking with Your Children

Hikes can be exciting, especially when you do it right. But having kids with you can be a pain. With every adventure, expect a new issue to emerge. While some kids love the idea of hiking, taking nature walks and spending the night in the wilderness, others find the experience scary and dangerous.

What happens when they are bored, chilled or fatigued? Natalie from mypaperwriter.com knows the answer! So, below are a few tips to make hikes fun or adventurous for your young ones.

 Make It Simple

Naturally, parents are concerned about the safety of their kids during hikes.

For their first time, select a place that suits them, especially when you are hiking with toddlers. The goal of the hike should not be to climb to the peak of a mountain or hill.

Be positive, realistic and do not give your children a task they cannot handle. For the first time, lower your expectations. Look for a place that has cool features like waterfalls, caves, rocks or a place where they can sit and enjoy a cool view.

Remember that the point of the hike is for them to have a new experience with the environment.

Snacks and Water

Carry sufficient snacks, food, and water for the hike.

Carrying water is essential while hiking and your kids may need plenty of it, depending on the terrain, temperature, and age. Encourage them to stay hydrated by taking with them a bottle of water in their backpacks and making small stops after certain intervals to hydrate and have some snacks.

Throw some protein bars in their bag: they can come in handy during your hike.

Plan for Small Stops

Many grownups like to start the hike and get it over with.

But with kids, this is not the case. Children get bored fast. Make small stops occasionally for them to look at the view or to explore the area. However, do not make too long stops, because you still want to reach on time. During these small stops, engage with them and try to find out how they feel about the hike.

Dress for the weather

Before leaving the house, make sure you bring an extra pair of clothes for the hike.

Carry them in your car and, if possible, carry them in the bag pack during the hike for the young ones to change, if they accidentally fall in a pool of water or a muddy puddle. Don’t forget hats and gloves, in case it gets chilly. And make sure your kids have proper shoes for the hiking depending on the terrain.

This could range from boots, snickers or sandals. When they use the right shoes, you do not have to worry about them tripping or falling. Try to make hiking as comfortable as possible for your kids. Carry some dry clothes in case you are wet.

Hiking games

Many children will jump from one activity to another within a very short time.

Having a wide variety of activities will keep the little ones entertained. These games should involve the entire family, so you can make memories. There are games that most children like. They include campfire stories, scavenger hunting, eye spy, among others. If there is more than one child, try to make it a competitive game this will encourage participation.

Going for hikes with your family is a great idea to connect the environment.

Making hikes more fun may stir interest in your child. Always make things challenging and exciting. Come up with tasks for them to complete or some problems for them to solve. This can be an effective way to keep them entertained through the hike.

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