Why do you need to hire certified resume writers?


If you type ”Certified resume writer’ in Google search’, you will get more than 15.6 million results. Definitely, the great number of links are not relevant. But still, so many writers can’t be certified. Who is a certified resume writer, how to find one and why do you need him? Today, I cover all these questions in my blog post. Stay tuned!

Who is a professional resume writer?

Although all resume writers consider themselves professional or even certified, real things are not like that. Hardly half of them deserve attention, as the rest are just poor writers who look for easy money.

A mission of a professional resume writer is to create a convincing marketing document instead of writing a list of educational background and work experience. Professional resume writers are experienced in hiring, possess a certain industry knowledge, or completed formal training considering resume writing.

Who is a certified resume writer?

A certified resume writer, unlike the professional, is a person that has passed a special test regarding his knowledge and proficiency in writing these documents and obtained a certificate by a reputable organization that proves his professionalism.

Becoming a certified writer is challenging.

A person who wants to be a certified professional resume writer (CPRW) needs to take tests at Resume Writing Academy or the National Resume Writers’ Association. Tip: if you join any of these two organizations, you will have access to a list of other certified resume writers that passed testing.

Difference between professional and certified resume writer

So, what is the difference between professional and certified resume writers? There is no guarantee that a certified writer will create an outstanding resume, as the quality of the paper depends not only on the author’s skills and experience in resume writing, but also in hiring procedures, specific industry knowledge, and more.

This is really a benefit when the writer is certified, however, it is not obligatory. What is more crucial is to check the resume writer for the following things:

  • testimonials
  • resume samples
  • guarantees
  • services provided
  • ways of communication with the client

Various diplomas and certificates are not a guarantee of success. There have been many situations when the best resumes were written by non-certified professionals. So certificate should not be a thing you pay attention to in first place when choosing a specialist.

Things to look for in a professional resume writer

Check out this list of things you should look for when choosing a resume writer.

Price. What is the price for resume writing services? Is the price affordable? Are you ready to spend this money on a resume?

Appropriateness. Check out the resume samples and previous author experience. Does this resume writer have experience in your industry and your occupation? Does he know the details of your profession and ready to create a powerful CV?

Aesthetics. How do resume samples look like? Do you like resume designs? Are they well-formatted and well-structured? Is the font easy-to-read? All this detail mark a professional resume writer.

A cycle of work. When do you need to get your document? Do you need it in 2 days? Ask the writer about timeframes before ordering resume writing services.

Guarantees. What guarantees does the writer provide? Are there any proofs of his credibility?

It’s time to choose the best resume writer!

I hope this blog post comes in handy! Now you understand what features a professional and a certifies resume writers possess.

Of course, you can write a good resume yourself. However, if you lack writing skills or simply have no time, look for the features listed in this article when you choose a professional or a certified resume writer. Good luck!

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