History of Cricket: India’s Favorite Sport and Cultural Backbone

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Have you ever wondered why cricket is the most famous and important game in India today?

The origins of cricket are unknown, even if it seems inevitable that games similar to the current cricket were practiced in England since 1300, imported in that region by Flemish shepherds.

Today we know that we can play cricket primarily using a bat and ball. It is most prevalent in Commonwealth countries, but you can play it all over the world.

Let’s find out together everything there is to know about this enigmatic sport.

How to play cricket?

Cricket is a team game, and in each match, two teams consisting of 11 players each face each other. The field is usually a grass space with a rectangular or oval shape. As for the measurements, know that there are no precise ones, so each team tries to optimize all areas.

The fundamental element, however, is the pitch, a central lane 20 meters long at the ends of three posts with a crossbar, which forms the wicket (which means the doors).

Each game is composed of two innings or fractions that have a variable duration. As in soccer, the teams have a few minutes of rest and then resume in reversed fields between one time and another.

International Cricket

Professional cricket is played by both men’s and women’s teams. However, men’s cricket always receives more attention than women’s games, even in this decade.

The International Cricket Council or ICC is the highest governing body of cricket worldwide. Currently, there are 104 member countries with 12 full members and 92 associate members. India is one of the full members.

Cricket in India  

Although field hockey is the national sport, cricket is more popular and celebrated.

Indian teams play at both national and international levels. But, of course, national cricket teams that represent India at the international level are the most famous ones.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India or BCCI is the cricket governing body in India for both men’s and women’s teams. This is the ICC member body for all three match formats.

The Indian men’s cricket team is called “Men in Blue”, while the women’s team is called “Women in Blue” because of the color of their uniform. Both teams represent India in international cricket.

The men’s team has shown exemplary performances and currently holds world records and titles, becoming a role model for cricket lovers.

Initially, cricket was considered a sport for the elite, such as royalty and nobility. They would also go on to represent India internationally.

Over time, common people from both big and small cities around the country started playing cricket in the streets.

Presently, cricket players who represent India internationally enjoys celebrity status in India. This prompts ordinary people to play cricket in the hope of earning a living and improving their social status.

Also, many people bet online on cricket matches, with the hope of winning an exciting sum of money.

Cricket has an 80% share of the sports betting market in India. That is why many websites help provide confidence to online gamblers bet on cricket through guides, bonuses, and exclusive tips.

Indian Cricket’s history 

Cricket in India is a legacy of the British imperialists integrated into Indian culture. This is why it is still popular even after its independence in 1947.

Some believe that cricket began sometime in the Middle Ages, but no one can be sure of that since the origins of this sport are still a mystery.

It evolved from a simple ancient game called club ball, a game in which a stick or bat hit a ball or round object. The development of the simple club ball into the complex game of cricket is unknown.

The earliest record of cricket as we know it was played by farmers’ sons in Weald, southeast England, in the 16th century, but it is only since the 17th century that this game started being more structured.

By the 17th century, it became popular with locals, and cricket fans would even skip Sunday church for a game.

In the 18th century, Englishmen in the area began building settlements in Indian port areas, paving the way to return to their home countries by sea. And it is since that time that cricket was introduced in the country.

But it’s only in the 1990s that, with the advent of satellite TV and an increase in participation and interest rate, the sport’s popularity accelerated as never before.

Another important historical fact is that in 2006 the women’s team played its first T20 in 2006 in Derby, England.

This was also when the Women’s Cricket Association was absorbed into the BCCI.

For those who don’t know, BCCI has sufficient financial resources and has successfully promoted cricket in India, so it was a significant moment for women’s sports at the international level.


Finally, although the rules are complex for anyone unfamiliar with cricket, the nature of the game is straightforward. This means that you only need a bat and a ball to play, and you can play it anywhere, even in small spaces and without having to pay anything, so it is accessible even to the lower classes.



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