Vacation Enjoyment Shattered? What To Do If You Get Broken Into While Away

When we’re away on vacation there is always that concern of if our property is okay.

We may very well put it to the back of our mind because we are needlessly worrying but what happens if we get a phone call saying that it’s actually happened, we’ve been broken into?

We can feel powerless, even if we were there. But what happens if we get a phone call saying that we’ve been broken into?

What Can You Realistically Do Now?

If you get a phone call from the police it’s likely they will ask you to come back but if you are too far away it’s important to speak to someone that’s nearby so they can be your point of contact and relay any important information back to you.

The process after a break-in, as soon as the police have completed their forensic checks, is to contact the insurance company and then secure the property.

As difficult as it can be not being there if you contact a friend to be the point of contact it’s important to get a video call set up. This means they can hold up their smartphone and go through the entire house, giving you the opportunity to see what has been stolen.

You will have to contact the insurance company with a list of the items that have been stolen so they can be replaced but depending on the crime scene they will suggest that you secure the property.

You can contact a locksmith yourself or the insurance company will likely provide one for you. The most important thing at this point is to have a friend be the point of contact. It’s a saving grace that with smartphone technology you can see what has happened to the property.

Try Not To Overreact

After the incident, as long as the property is secure, it’s unlikely that the thieves will come back. In fact, it’s the weeks after the event that thieves are more likely to come back.

Because the insurance policy will have paid out and the items replaced, this is when burglars come back for seconds. You can make all the relevant contacts while being away such as contacting the bank and credit reporting agencies to inform them.

And you can feel powerless because you are so far away. It’s important to do your best to remain calm at this point and make plans to come home.

The benefit you have of being far away from the property is that you have the opportunity to think about the next plan of action. Based on the information given by the police about the break-in can give you the opportunity to be proactive and research your ideal security system or look at the best ways to deter thieves in the future.

We can feel powerless when we are at home after a robbery.

If you are on vacation it’s important to come back as soon as possible and secure the home but it’s the weeks afterward that you can work with a security company and invest in the best security measures to stop this happening again.

Jeff Campbell

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