8 Home DIY Jobs That Will Increase The Value Of Your Property

When it comes to upgrading and refreshing your home, there are many options you can do yourself. Home renovations do not always need experts. Small jobs can be done yourself with the right tools and knowledge. Simply following online guides can help you refresh your garden or add new window blinds. There are endless possibilities for DIY home renovations. 

The beauty of upgrading your home and its features is that it will increase the value of the property. If you add new additions to your home yourself, not only will you reduce the cost, but you will maximize your profit when you sell or remortgage your house. 

For the easiest and most effective home DIY jobs that will increase the value of your property, keep reading. 

Add An External Building

If you want to add value or space to your property, you may want to think about adding an external building, such as a mobile home. You could use this as an office, gym, or extra bedroom.

They can be renovated to align with the aesthetic of the home with a simple flip. You can learn more about renovating a mobile home in a mobile home flipping course.

Essentially, you will need to maximize its potential and upgrade some features for it to match the property and add profitable value.

Stain The Floors

Wooden and concrete floors are often valuable features in a home. Over time they can wear down and lose their aesthetic appeal. To prolong their life and refresh them to look new, you could stain your interior floors.

Wood or concrete staining is a pretty straightforward job. It will increase its appeal as well as make the material healthier and long-lasting. Staining a floor is a much cheaper and easy alternative to swapping out the floor for new materials or a revamp. 

Floors are a feature that most new buyers will put to the bottom of the priority list if they are in good condition, which will maximize their money and therefore help them achieve a better sale. 

If you have carpets, you may want to refresh them. Over time, carpets can become threadbare, flattened, and stained. If this is the case in your house, it’s wise to replace battered old carpet with new flooring. Laminate flooring can be a good choice, as it’s cost-effective, durable and it’s a DIY project you can work on yourself, saving the need for a handyman. 

Upgrade The Windows

Windows are a key feature in any property. If they are old and non-efficient, you may want to think about upgrading them. 

Upgrading your windows to double-glazed will guarantee an increase in property value. Double-glazing windows are energy-efficient, which work to regulate heat.

This will mean less need to turn on the heating or air-conditioning units, which will reduce the energy bills. Double-glazed windows will add value to the home and increase its curb appeal, so they are always a good investment. 

Window upgrades are not always something you can do yourself, but you can design and install them with the help of an expert. You could also paint or stain them afterward to add your own DIY twist.

Refresh The Garden 

Speaking of curb appeal, the exterior of your home matters just as much as the interior. The exterior is the first thing buyers will see. So you will want to make a good first impression. 

A refresh of the garden is a simple DIY task that can involve minimal effort for maximum effect. Simply caring for the grass, adding a seating area, and growing vegetables will make it more appealing and inviting. A well-cared-for garden will attract buyers to your home as it shows you care. 

A well-maintained and landscaped garden will help to create a positive first impression for buyers and you don’t need to make major changes to capitalize on this.

If you’re looking for more advanced landscaping DIY projects, you’ve come to the right place. Here are just a few ways you can make the most of your DIY skills to improve curb appeal and raise the value of your home.

  • Add water features
  • Install rock gardens
  • Build patios and additional walkways
  • Add raised beds and stone walls

Paint The Doors

Doors are an essential feature in every home. They are one of the first things you see when you approach the home. They are also a feature that adds flow to the interior. With freshly painted doors, the entire home will feel airer, cared for, a well-kept. 

If you do not like painted doors or feel they may hinder the home’s interior look, you can use a stain. Staining the doors will help the wood last longer and still add a touch of freshness. 

Doors are not always a buyer’s first priority. So ensuring they are in good condition will mean it is one less thing to worry about, therefore, will increase their interest and chance of buying for the set price. 

New Lighting Fixtures

Whether your home is dark or not, lighting fixtures are a key design element that can boost the value of the property. Lighting fixtures are not only for lighting the home, they are a feature that can add character to a home.

If you find your home is lacking lighting fixtures, then add one or two to each room. Simple wall lamps are enough. Or, you could totally revamp the ceiling lights. Just be careful when you are on the ladder and always ensure you have assistance. 

Large lighting fixtures can often seem grand and make the home feel more expensive and luxurious, which will encourage buyers to pay the asking price. Fluorescent lighting used to be popular but nowadays looks dated and harsh. Instead, opt for recessed lights for a soft and timeless glow in rooms like the kitchen. Other fashionable options include wall sconces and modern chandeliers. 

Add More Storage

Ample storage is one of the most desired attributes in a home nowadays, but it’s quite common for bathrooms and bedrooms to be a bit short in that department. Building your own bathroom or bathroom cabinet or installing a set of floating shelves can remedy this, as well as providing a cost-effective way to add value to your home.

Storage adds convenience to a home. It is also a place to store away the mess when buyers are coming to look around the property. 

Repaint In Fresher Colors

If you chose to paint your house in garish colors when you last decorated, you might live to regret it. Buyers want neutral colors that go with lots of different things, like greys, whites, and creams – a blank slate, essentially. 

Redecorating in these colors will make your property far more desirable and valuable. After all, who wants to move into a house and immediately start painting over the neon orange paint that the last owner left behind?

Plus, if you skip the decorator and do it yourself, you’ll save yourself a load of money, with the only expense then being materials and paint.

Use these simple DIY home tips to increase the value of your property. Not all are straightforward tasks, but with patience and guides, you can easily get them done yourself. A simple garden refresh or new paintwork will boost the value of the property and also increase buyers’ interest.


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