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How To Make Sure Your Home Is Energy Efficient

You’ve changed your light bulbs, double-glazed your windows, and insulated the roof.  But what other steps can you take to make sure your home is truly energy efficient?

Here are some improvements you might not have considered.

Insulate the walls

You may have already got your attic or roof space insulated and that’s a big step towards making your home more efficient.  But did you know you may also be able to insulate your walls?

It will depend on what type of building you live in, but if your walls are built with a cavity then this is something to seriously consider.  This is an improvement that should only be made by professionals, so make sure you get quotes to find out the cost of cavity wall insulation before making your decision.

Fix solar panels to your roof

This is another big improvement that could be made to your home, but again, it’s worth checking with a professional installer to make sure it’s a cost-effective step to take.

Solar panels have become more affordable and efficient than earlier versions available on the consumer market. Now they are growing in popularity with homeowners who once wrote them off.

Change the way you use your appliances

You may have made the switch to energy-efficient appliances and think that’s all there is to worry about.  But you may be surprised to learn that there’s more to lowering your energy consumption.

Changing the way you use electricals around your home will make your household more efficient.

Firstly, unplug the items you’re not using.  Think about which appliances you use and when.  For example, it may be more efficient to heat food up in the microwave rather than in a conventional oven.  Also, washing machines and dishwashers should be full before using them.  Similarly, a fridge works better when it’s full of food than when it’s empty.

Keep things clean

Another way to save yourself some money and keep your home working efficiently may sound a bit silly, but we commonly overlook the importance of cleaning.

Yes, it’s a chore and we don’t always have the time to keep everything spotless, but certain jobs will save you money on your bills.  Cleaning windows and dusting light bulbs will help reduce the amount of lighting you need. Dusting the metal coils behind your fridge, and cleaning the seals around the door, will help your appliance run more efficiently.

Each little job will only make a small difference, but as a whole, they’ll make a considerable improvement.