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While you might be starting to come up with a few resolutions for 2020 — spend more time with the kids? Get back into the gym? Adopt a puppy? — you might want to think about resolutions for your home, too. Homeownership is a smart financial move; every year, your home gains value, which means the money you put into it grows.

However, by completing the right home renovations, you can double or triple your initial investment, making your home even more valuable to potential future sellers.

However, not every home renovation project is created equal. In the coming New Year, here are the projects that will give your home the biggest boost in value — and make you feel a bit better about being a homeowner.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are difficult and expensive to remodel — which is exactly why you should tackle this project in 2020.

Homebuyers are often afraid to tackle projects that seem too large or too complicated, so outdated bathrooms, which require plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, tile work and more, will scare away a big chunk of your potential sales.

If you expend the energy to remodel your bathrooms, you can improve the look and feel of your home while making it a more attractive, more valuable property.

However, unlike other items on this list, bathroom remodels should largely be done by a cadre of professionals instead of DIY. Problems with plumbing or electrical work could impact the safety and functionality of the rest of your home, and in such a small space, mistakes made in tile work or construction will be glaring.

Fortunately, you can find a bathroom remodeler in your area to suit your budget and style.

Deck or Patio Addition

The outdoors are becoming ever-more popular, and homeowners want more opportunities to lounge outside.

You and your family would probably also benefit from having a hardscaped space close to the house, where you can see your surroundings, soak up the sun and enjoy outdoor recreation. That’s why you should build a deck or lay a patio.

Decks are raised structures with support systems, best for homes in wet environments where you don’t want water pooling near your siding or door.

Conversely, a patio is built directly on the ground, either by pouring concrete or laying pavers. Deck installation tends to be a bit more complicated because of its raised nature; it is easy enough to level sand and lay patio pavers in a weekend.

However, the truth is that you can DIY either option given the right planning and preparation.

Siding Update

Your home’s siding is its last defense against the weather, and as such, it will start to look old and dilapidated in about 20 years.

That’s bad news because cracked and worn-out siding is a glaring issue for potential buyers, who will spot siding issues before they step foot on the property.

Fortunately, past-due siding is an excellent opportunity to give your home a well-deserved facelift.

You can replace your wood siding with fresh wood siding, ideally of a larger width and running horizontal, as fits current trends. Or, you could upgrade to more durable siding options, like vinyl, aluminum or cement fiber — or throw out traditional siding entirely, opting instead for stucco, stone or brick veneer.

A siding project can be big or small, depending on the amount of siding you work on at one time, but it can be a project you manage yourself.

Entry Door Upgrade

After your siding but before your interior comes your front door.

Visitors and homebuyers alike look at your front door as both a tone-setter, the stylish accent that sets expectations for the atmosphere inside. If your front door blends in, looks outdated or otherwise doesn’t pack a tasteful punch, you need to make a change.

There are more than a few front door trends to inspire you in the coming year.

One of the most significant is the steel or iron door, which is uncommon and eye-catching. You can order a custom door from an ironworker to make your home that much more special. Alternatively, you should consider painting your door a striking color that complements your siding.

Bright and modern colors, like turquoise (green-blue) and chartreuse (light lime green), as well as more sophisticated, moody hues, like burgundy (dark purple-red) and emerald (dark green), are in style.

For the rest of 2019, you can relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends — because when calendars turn to 2020, you will have some home renovation projects to complete. These are some of the most valuable updates you can make to your home, but the list of possibilities doesn’t end here. Take a look around your property and make your own plans for increasing your home’s value and livability.

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