Hootsuite Reviews: Pros & Cons, Pricing & Quick Start Guide

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In my Hootsuite reviews, I’m going to walk you through what Hootsuite is

How to use it. Why I use it. Hootsuite pricing, the pros and cons of Hootsuite and which social networks it connects with.

What is the use of Hootsuite?


Hootsuite is a social media scheduling program.  If you have an online business presence then you hopefully know you should be posting content regularly on social media.

Enjoy sitting at the computer all day posting to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and others?  I didn’t think so!

I schedule my social media posts in advance just once or twice a week.

Hootsuite automatically connects with my social networks and schedules the posts at my chosen time.  The right time is crucial as the optimum time to post on Facebook might be very different for your audience than LinkedIn or Twitter.

Not sure of the best times to post on social media?

While I always recommend looking at the analytics for your demographics on each of your social platforms, check out this comprehensive post from Brandon Gaille about the Best Times to post on Social Media.

Hootsuite Pricing

The great news is, as you’ll see here in my Hootsuite reviews, is that Hootsuite is VERY affordable.

Sure if you’re Tony Robbins you can afford the best. But if you’re like me and still a newbie, inexpensive tools are a necessity!

Imagine saving HOURS of time having all your posts hit your social networks at the optimum time and all you did was spend about 30 minutes once a week making that happen??

That $19 plan allows for 1 user and up to 10 social networks.

But you can try Hootsuite for FREE for 30 days so you can try before you buy! 

That’s what I did with all the programs I tried as there’s no better way to determine which program is best for you.

Need more power?  Some of you might have multiple businesses each with their own online presence. Or you may be a freelance marketer who has clients you schedule posts for.

In that case you’ll want the $99/month plan which allows for up to 3 users and up to 20 social profiles. That plan also allows for bulk scheduling so if you have the same post that repeats on set intervals to a social network, that one feature will also save you hours of time!

What is the difference between Buffer and Hootsuite?

No Hootsuite reviews would be complete without a brief look at the competition.

Before I settled on Hootsuite, I tried Buffer and Crowdfire. I also took a look at MeetEdgar. In short all of them frustrated me, weren’t intuitive (at least to me) and Edgar was way out of my price range.

For me it comes down to the ease of the interface.  After all, if you are wanting a social media scheduler, you want to use it to SAVE YOU TIME! You want it to be easy to use and be intuitive.

For me, Hoosuite is simply the easiest to use and required almost no training before I was able to just jump in.


What social media does HootSuite work with?

Hootsuite works with the following social media brands:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr

and others!

Unfortunately Hootsuite (and a number of others) don’t interface with Pinterest and I’m not 100% sure why.  Luckily for me, BoardBooster handles all my Pinterest posting with great ease for only $5/month (as of this writing).

So if you need Pinterest scheduling, definitely check out BoardBooster.

How does HootSuite post to Instagram?

Instagram is problematic from a social media a scheduling standpoint. That is true whether you choose Hootsuite or anyone else.

Personal Instragam accounts don’t allow schedules to auto-post content automatically.

However, they did recently start allowing business accounts to be scheduled; a great change!

How do you use Hootsuite?

I can’t publish Hootsuite reviews without walking you through how to use it!

That being said, my Hootsuite reviews are designed to give you an overview of everything and not a comprehensive training. The good news is that Hootsuite has a comprehensive Education section on their website and a fantastic help center.

But I find Hootsuite so easy to use I’ve never needed either.

But if you prefer video, I also have a lightening quick Hootsuite for Dummies Quick Star Guide Video which you can watch right here (don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel too!)

When you open up your Hootsuite dashboard I click first on the Publisher (the paper airplane icon) to the left.  This shows you a drop down of scheduled posts, drafts and previously scheduled (now posted) posts.

The “approvals” section refer to Instagram as I covered above.

To schedule a new post, simply click in the bar where it says “Compose message”.


Scheduling a post on Hootsuite is easy!

Once you click on the compose section a larger window opens up.

From here you select which social networks you want on the left side (you can see I only have Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook).

You can have the same post go to 1 network or any combination of your networks. Just click on the social media icon you want for this post.


Type whatever text in the box you wish to post.

You can type a link right in the box to a URL, or you can add it where it says “Add a link” and it will add a shortened version for you (not unlike how Bit.ly works).

If you are linking to a blog post or other web content that has images, the image would typically be added automatically to your post. However, you can click the paper clip icon to upload a specific image of your choice.

How to schedule your Hootsuite post

Now that your post is ready, you can either click the blue “Send Now” button.  But you can also click on the little calendar icon and open up the calendar to schedule the post for later.


When you do that the current month opens up at the current time.  Click on the day of your choice and select the time you want. Then hit the schedule button and you’re done!


Hootsuite reviews – looking at your scheduled posts

Can’t remember what posts you already have scheduled?

No problem! Hootsuite makes it quick and easy to review what is already scheduled.  The posts appear below the compose message box and are sectioned off by day.

You see the Day, time the post is scheduled and an icon of which social network it’s going to and a portion of the text.

If you want to see things that already went out just click the Past Scheduled button as I mentioned above.


To sum up my Hootsuite reviews, Hootsuite is a comprehensive, intutive and easy to use social media scheduling program.  It is the only social media scheduling tool that I use for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I think it’s the easiest to get started with and the one that saves me the most time.  I look forward to growing my business enough to upgrade to the next level.

Want to buy it?

You can purchase Hootsuite right now through my affiliate link.  An affiliate link doesn’t cost you anything extra; Hootsuite just pays me a small percentage for sending you to them.


If you have questions about how to use Hootsuite, the pros and cons of Hootsuite, Hootsuite pricing or anything else, feel free to comment here or email me!

Hootsuite logo by WikiMedia Commons under license from CC2.0


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