How to Give your House Entrance a Makeover

Well, we are ready for a new year. And there is no better way to say New than a makeover to the front entry of your home. The entry of a home says a lot. Creating a welcoming, modern, and attractive presence can set the stage your home’s impression. Curb appeal is key. (1)

And while a complete home makeover would do just that, full renovations are expensive. Why not consider focusing on the most visible part of your house; the front entry? By focusing on one area, you can have it done quickly, and stretch your dollars far.

Here are four simple steps you can do to give your front entrance a makeover, that won’t break the bank:

Paint your front door

If replacing your front door sounds expensive, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Pick a bold contrasting color that will make a statement.

Strong reds, greens, and blues can stand out, and give a modern statement to a bland entrance.

And if you want to think long-term, consider replacing the door altogether. Newer steel and fiberglass replacement doors will not only bring an updated, modern look, but their newer insulation core will save on energy bills as well.

Replace your front windows

When you replace your front window with a new vinyl window you’ll not only add beauty, but you’ll increase the energy efficiency too!

Chances are, your front window nearest your entry door is old enough to need replacement. Recent advances in window construction technology have made the latest windows ultra-energy-efficient, and stylish.

Thicker insulated frames and high-tech surface films have advanced vinyl windows to a new generation. And since replacing a window can be done in less than a day, you’ll have a visible front statement to your house, on an affordable budget.

De-clutter your front walkway and entrance steps

If you have tools, crushed delivery boxes, or indoor items you leave out front for convenience, you will likely be bringing down the image of your house. Clutter is associated with junk.

Think of the “hoarder” down the road. This is likely the easiest and quickest way to give your front entrance a clean and modern look. Simple is in. and keeping your front simple will go a long way to creating an updated look. If you want to have anything on your doorsteps or front walkway, consider good quality planter boxes or pots.

Not the old plastic kinds. Spend a little more and have larger pots that last long and match the color and style of your home.

Dust and clean

Often the front entrance gathers spider webs, dead moths, and dust, especially around the porch light, as well as the eaves. Grab a broom, and damp cloth, and dust and wipe all the areas in your front entry, siding, doorbell, porch light, eaves, awning.

Anything with dust or insect webs will cause an instant negative impression to visiting guests. You can improve that impression with 10-minutes of elbow grease.

Three simple ways to create a makeover to your front entrance. You can have this done in a day.

If you are going to put your limited time and money into a home improvement, improve the most visible part of your home to the neighborhood, the front entry.

About the Author

Mike Cutler is a commentator on modern home design and DIY home improvement projects for energy efficiency. He is especially passionate about ways to turn a house into a home.



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