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How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Online Casinos

One of the modern innovations, artificial intelligence, is actively used today in many areas of modern life. What is the essence of this concept and what benefits can it bring to ordinary online livecasino users? You will learn this and other interesting information from this article.


When you come across the term “artificial intelligence”, you should understand that we are talking about some intelligent programs that have a number of functions that distinguish them from standard software. Firstly, it is the possibility of self-learning, as well as the analysis of large amounts of information. In addition, these programs are able to offer a creative solution to the task.

The very first use of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry was a program that could play checkers with a human. The software was launched in the middle of the last century by the American cybernetician A. Samuel. Over time, the system self-learned and improved its playing skills, so that in 1962 it won a game against R. Neely, the strongest checkers player of that time in the United States. This brought a lot of attention to this innovative technology and directed the development of artificial intelligence towards the entertainment industry.

Today, technology has become much more advanced. Online gambling is increasingly using machine learning. Smart software helps identify problem players, collect statistical data, attract new players, and improve customer service.

Prevention of gambling addiction

It’s no secret that online casinos are primarily a business, and operators, of course, strive to make money. However, the most respected of them do not want to turn their clients into addicts. When a player has problems, it negatively affects the image of the industry and creates a bad reputation for gambling platforms. Top online casinos offer their customers effective tools to help control their games by setting limits on their deposits and time spent playing. Thanks to artificial intelligence, operators can quickly identify the first signs of gambling addiction in their customers and provide effective methods to solve the problem.

Improved customer support

The use of chatbots has become ubiquitous in the gambling industry. But such programs have some disadvantages. When you interact with a chatbot, you may notice that their answers are not always accurate. So you immediately understand that you are not talking to a person. Here, the use of artificial intelligence provides greater opportunities and more high-quality experience. By analyzing the actions of the player, AI can predict the likely problems that the user will have to face. After that, the program will offer a number of useful links, even before the player asks for help.

Fraud protection

Artificial intelligence significantly increases the reliability and security of gambling platforms. Fraudsters lose any chance to deceive online casinos. If players try to use prohibited programs or cheating tricks, AI will immediately detect this and block all actions from such an account.

Also, artificial intelligence allows online casinos to improve the process of player verification. Often, clients of gambling platforms are required to provide some documents by e-mail. Combined with virtual reality, AI provides an effective solution to simplify verification. Players can take a photo in real-time, which the system will compare with the image in the documents.

Artificial intelligence is still at an early stage of development, so it is difficult to predict what the technology will look like in the future. However, it is clear that this concept has the potential to radically change the online gambling industry.

Jeff Campbell