How Can I Work More Efficiently for my Independent Clients?

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As a father, you may want to find ways to spend more time with your family. One of the main inhibitors might currently be your working schedule. Many parents may find that, more often than not, they leave the house to commute to work before their children are awake, and then return home so close to bedtime that they miss out on quality time. Therefore, working independently for a number of clients might allow you more freedom over your time than you currently have as an employee.

When you have clients for independent work, you may no longer be on a set wage. Instead, you might need to take payments directly from those individuals or businesses you serve. Rather than simply purchasing the first product you find, it can be a good idea to look at a guide to credit card readers to help you figure out which may best suit your new role. 

When selling goods, you may be more inclined to utilize one that can also read barcodes. However, if you’re someone who works on a mobile basis, you might not want to have to carry a larger machine around with you, or even need some of those features. Therefore, a more compact model might be far better suited to your needs.

Managing your time correctly can also be vital when you work for clients. Failure to do so can lead to negative reviews or even loss of money or future business. You may then benefit from finding ways to keep track of the work you need to do, as well as any outstanding invoices. 

Although you may have a calendar on your cellphone or tablet, it can also help to jot down information regarding jobs in a daily planner. This can help you to keep those details in front of you, and also pen in time for breaks or even collecting tools or supplies.

You may find that, once you work in an industry, you get asked for help from those around you. While it can be nice to undertake jobs for friends or family, they may also expect you to do so at a lower cost, often referred to as mates’ rates

This may be something you want to consider doing outside of your normal hours if you so wish. Otherwise, it can take away from your profits and leave you with less time to spend sourcing fully paying clients. You may also want to be cautious as, while some people may have a genuine interest in your business, others may try to take advantage of your new trade.

Working for yourself can help you to provide for your family. Alongside this, you may also be able to model great working behaviors for your children, or even create a company that they may wish to become a part of in the future. When looking for clients, you may want to consider how many hours you wish to work each day, as this could factor in the number of jobs you are able to complete.



Jeff Campbell