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How Can You Get a Sri Lanka Visa From the US?

Srilanka is one the main tourist destinations in the Indian ocean, it is a beautiful country and has many tourist attractions like the Safari of the country. Visa for Sri Lanka from USA has been made just too simple for the tourists to visit this amazing Island country. Due to the current pandemic situation, it is better to have the proper proof of the vaccination, as the governments are just too critical about Corona. 

There are some restrictions on taking the amount of the money, when you are traveling it is critical not to try to carry more than $ 15,000. This can delay your entry at any Srilankan airport. The other thing is to try to use the Sri Lanka visa US for the purpose it was taken, for example, if you have taken the visa for the tourism purpose. Then try to use a visa for this specific purpose, as it can sometimes become inconvenient for the tourists to travel in the country. Travel to Sri Lanka from US can be a great journey if you are abiding by some of these compulsions:

In this article, our main focus is to highlight the Sri Lanka visa for US Citizens and its main requirements:

Visa for Sri Lanka from USA and its specifications:

There are different types of compassion and specification, you need to follow when applying for a visa for Sri Lanka from USA. It is essential to provide all the personal information in the correct formats as it is appearing on the personal passport and the official documents. It can be critical for your processing time, before submitting the application form for the visa for Sri Lanka from USA. The processing of the Srilankan visa is quite a smooth process if you are providing all the personal documents and the processing fee just in time.

There are some of the different specifications for the Sri Lanka visa US, and it is going to change with different  processing fees:

  • The Standard Processing: It normally takes 5 days and you need to submit a processing fee of $ 61, and it is called the Standard processing of the  Sri Lanka visa for US Citizens. This is the standard time of the processing of the Sri Lanka visa, and you need to apply for this visa type before you travel to the country.
  • The Rush Processing: For Rush Processing, you need to submit $ 94, and it normally takes around 3 days to process to get your visa for Sri Lanka from USA. This type of processing of the visa is medium in pace, and the tourist normally likes to apply for the standard processing of the visa.
  • The Super Rush Processing: The Super Rush Processing normally takes less than 24 hours to get your Sri Lanka Visa, and y9u need to submit the processing fee of $ 103.75, and it includes all the essential service charges and the processing charges. Sometimes, you need the visa in an emergency condition. This type of visa is normally applied by the business personnel. When they need to attend an energy company meeting.


Jeff Campbell