6 Interesting Facts About How Exercise Affects Your Health

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I have a secret recipe for longer life and better health. Want me to let you in on it? The recipe is lots and lots of EXERCISE.

Over the years, exercise has proven to be the best treatment for weight loss. But, the health benefit of exercise extends far beyond weight loss. Research has confirmed that regular exercise could reduce your risk of several diseases and health problems. 

Let’s take a glance at the beauty of a good heart :

Your heart

What does your heart do? A seemingly obvious answer- pumps blood.

If your heart stops, you are going to die. So, protecting and invigorating it every morning should be at least on the top of our list. That’s exactly what you do when you exercise- you are revitalizing it. When you exercise, you strengthen your heart muscles.

Exercise raises your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels (just say good cholesterol) and reduces your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels (just say bad cholesterol). Exercise lowers your blood pressure for individuals with high blood pressure.  A lowered blood pressure means improved blood flow and of course, implies that your heart is working at its optimum capacity.

Now taking each of these benefits and optimizing them would mean you are probably going to be free from Peripheral Vascular disease the rest of your life.

Perfect Emotional Health

Very interesting indeed! When you go to the gym, you aren’t just building physical muscles- you building mental ones.

Studies and research have shown that regular exercise could improve the way you feel about yourself; your self-esteem. So when next you have a rush of feelings of depression in your head, do some push-ups.  Not only that, the exercise would help you reduce and manage stress and anxiety.

Fight obesity

Let’s be frank here- if you think you are going to achieve your dream body without some exercise, you are only deceiving yourself. Physical activities generally require energy.

In the lack of carbohydrate by the body, it resorts to the burning of previously stored fat. So, more physical activity means more burning of fats and reduced weight.

In the process of fat burning, your muscle mass is preserved. Just combine exercise with the proper diet and nutrition, I assure you that obesity would be a thing of the past; trust me. See, even if you do more and more exercise without taking cognizance of the importance of a good diet, it’s all gonna be a waste. Do not just drink any water, drink water that is properly purified.

So choose good drinking water sources. Personally, I think under sink water filters are a great option.

No more back pain

Recall all the tossing and rolling on your bed you get in the name of sleep, the exercise would prevent them.

In fact, a good exercise could just be lying on the floor with your head and neck evenly aligned. This straightens your spine and your neck bone, therefore, alleviating back pain. Also, by improving your muscle strength, endurance, posture, flexibility, and general composure; exercise reduces your risk of back pain.

Resistance bands also not only provide a great workout, but can also help manage back pain.

Boost your brainpower

Not only your body strength, but it also increases your brain’s speed in analyzing stuff.

Do you want a scientific fact? When you exercise, you tend to have increased levels of energy and a hormone called serotonin in the brain.

This would lead to a sustainable mental clarity and higher brain power.  All of this would sum up to give you a productive day.  It is very clear that those who are physically active are actually more productive at work.

Better sleep

Exercise brings about a much healthier and deeper sleep compared to a day without exercise. And you know what having deep sleep results to- a better memory and reduced aging.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have better knowledge, its best to put yourself. When are you taking a trip to the gym?





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