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How Far Does the Rocket Fishing Rod Shoot?

Fishing is a great way to bond with your kids and grandkids, but it does not come without its fair share of frustrations. Although it’s fun to spend time with them around the water and teach them how to fish, you also have to deal with complications. That can include not shooting the bobber far enough, tangling fish wires, and sticking the hook in random objects.

If only there were a tool to make fishing for kids easier. Well, technically, there is.

Goliath has come out with a rocket fishing rod that claims to combat all kinds of problems involving kids and fishing. If, like us, you too are confused about whether you should buy the Rocket Fishing Rod or not, we’ll help you make a decision.

The most common problem kids face while fishing is the failure to launch the bobber far enough to catch any fish. Therefore, before you invest in it, you need to know how far the rocket fishing rod shoots. Continue reading to find out more about the rocket fishing rod features, how it works, how far it shoots, and if it’s a worthy purchase.

What Are the Main Features of the Rocket Fishing Rod?

Casting a fishing rod does not only require considerable skill but also takes a certain degree of strength to launch. It’s a feature that rocket fishing rods stand out.

The rocket fishing rod does not require you to cast the rod traditionally. Instead, it launches the bobber automatically and lures you. This feature saves you time and energy and proves to be very safe, making this fishing rod a great choice for kids.

Another excellent feature of the rocket fishing rod is that you do not require complicated assembling before using it. It comes completely assembled and ready to use.

Safety should be of foremost importance, especially when you are fishing with young children. This rod uses a concealed bobber with no open hooks, which is perhaps a great safety feature. The hook is only released once the bobber is shot out and un-clamps in the water.

There are other features too that let you have greater control, like the line stop that allows you to set the depth of the hook. Once you get a fish on the hook, you can simply reel it in like you would with a regular fishing rod.

How Do You Use the Rocket Fishing Rod?

The rocket fishing rod isn’t difficult to use. What you need to do is to load your fishing bait or lure it into the bobber, which clamps onto the bait until released. An interesting thing about this fishing rod is that it works more like a toy gun than a fishing rod. So, after loading the bobber, aim at the water. Next, pull the trigger to launch the bobber into the water.

How Far Can the Rocket Fishing Rod Shoot?

One thing that concerns most people is the distance that this fishing rod can shoot at. When fishing with a regular manual fishing rod, you can control the distance at which you shoot. You can do so by manipulating the length of the fishing wire and launching the bait using different levels of strength.

When it comes to the rocket fishing rod, the bobber and lure get launched at 25 to 30 feet, which is the average casting distance for fishing.

Should You Purchase It?

So, should you invest in the rocket fishing rod or not? It will depend on several factors.

If you are looking for a fishing pole that will make it safer and easier to catch fish with your children, then yes, you should definitely go for it. It will also give you some extra control.

The 30 feet shooting distance is another great feature that helps you launch the bobber easily and as far away as you would shoot using a regular fishing rod. You can also use it in salt water, so it is a very versatile and useful tool.

On the other hand, if you want to teach your kids how to fish authentically, this may not be the best product. It does the work for you by shooting the hook like how a gun shoots a bullet instead of having you cast it. Additionally, the reeling process can be a hassle with the rocket fishing rod because it resists smooth reeling and gets tangled easily.

Overall, if you are not hoping to catch a big dinner but just looking to spend quality time with your family, this fishing rod is an excellent pick for you!

Final Thoughts

We hope you found everything you needed to learn about the rocket fishing rod. It is a convenient tool that is great for both beginners and kids. It shoots at an authentic distance, making fishing seem like a breeze!


Jeff Campbell