How Much Does Electricity Cost? What is a Kilowatt-Hour?

The cost of electricity can differ extensively in different countries or in varied places in a country. It is dependent on various factors, including the cost of power generation, local weather patterns, government subsidies and taxing, distribution cost, and the consumer’s base.  

The cost of electricity in Singapore is monitored by the Energy Market Authority to guarantee favorable electricity pricing. 

Initially, Singapore Power Services used to buy power on behalf of consumers and finance the production and distribution infrastructure.

But today, the responsibility of power supply has been shifted to retail actors like the Senoko energy electricity suppliers. 

Here, we will explain the cost of electricity, but let’s first see how it is measured.

What is Kilowatt-Hour?

Kilowatt-hour refers to the unit that electricity suppliers use to determine consumers’ electricity charges in a given period.

For instance, when you use 500 watts in one hour, then that’s 0.5 kilowatt-hours.

If you want to minimize your electricity bills, you need to understand how to calculate the amount of energy you use and the amount of money charged.

In other words, you should determine how much electricity your household appliances consume. To do this, you will also need to know how much electricity one kilowatt-hour represents.

How much electricity Does a Kilowatt-Hour Represent?

One kWh equals 1000 watts of electricity used within one hour. Your electricity supplier uses this unit to determine the amount of money to charge you on your electricity bill. 

Generally, small households that use relatively less energy can consume around 2000kWh of electricity per year.

Medium electricity users who have big families may use roughly three to four thousand Kilowatt-hour in one year.

For households with bigger families, who use much power, the electricity consumed maybe about five to six thousand kilowatt-hours.

How Long Can You Use 1kWh?

The answer to how far one kilowatt-hour can go may vary according to the type of your appliances. 

For example; One kilowatt-hour can be used to power;

  1. TV for about three hours
  2. Washing machine for one cycle
  3. Laptop charging for 48hours
  4. Desktop computer for around four to five hours
  5. Kettle heating for ten times

If you identify which of your appliances uses much energy, you can regulate your electricity bills and save money

Washing machines and cloth dryers are the most common appliances that consume much electricity. Thus, you can choose to use them maybe once in a week, instead of using them regularly.

How Much Does 1kWh Cost?

The cost of one kilowatt-hour is entirely dependent on the type of electricity plan you choose. The available plan will also vary based on your location and meter type. 

Some electricity plans will allow you to fix your energy for a certain period you agree with your supplier. In other electricity tariffs, you are allowed to pay cheaper charges at off-peak hours.

If you want to find out how to pay less for your electricity, you can compare electricity price plans to see the cheapest deals favorable to you. 

How to Switch Energy Supplier

Today, it is simple and easy to switch energy suppliers. All you need is to pick a plan, register your account to your preferred supplier’s website, and then fill in your details. This process will take only a few seconds.

Once you switch, your supplier will present a list of all the available best deals and give you essential details of their services and customer reviews.

Whether you want fixed or flexible rate plans, your supplier will show you everything you need to know about electricity plans. 


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