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How To Be A Perfect Host To Your Guests

Being welcomed as a guest is the most appreciated and remembered feeling cherished thoroughly. Whether meeting a family for the first time or meeting a group of couples over dinner, the right homely feeling is cherished by every human.

To make someone feel welcomed or homely at your home doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. All it takes is the addition of small and intricate touches that makes your guest understand that you truly care. Here are some of the key tips to be a perfect host to your guests.

9 tips to be a perfect host to your guests

●      Give the basic details

The first and foremost important thing is to inform your expected guest about your address, transportation options, phone number, etc. before the guest leaves to visit you. You may choose to mail or text all the vital information preventing your guests from getting lost.

●      Be yourself

Remember that the guests don’t expect a truly and perfectly immaculate space. Instead, they visit you to have a good time, make memories, and build an everlasting friendship. So, there isn’t any need to take unnecessary pressure or stress.

●      Let the guests be themselves

Similar to being yourself, don’t force things on your guests. You should mean when you say “make yourself at home.” Of course, this doesn’t mean getting ill-treated by a few manipulative guests, but freedom to guests should be offered within reasons. No matter what, some of the basic home rules must be followed at all times.

●      Provide comfortable stay

The efforts should be made to create a warm and welcoming environment. This includes freshly made-up beds with beautiful and clean bedsheets, towels, storage space, quilt covers, a vase of flowers, bedside reading, etc.

You can easily shop for high-quality linens to provide a comfortable stay for your guests. In case, you are a resident of Australia, we would suggest you explore a wide range of quality quilt covers online in Australia from the comfort of your home.

●      Set the mood

Often lights in any house are very bright. This might affect the overall vibe of the party. However, you can always start with bright lights and later, lower them. You can even plan to dim it further as the night goes on.

●      Music

Remember that music is the ultimate source to get that perfect ambiance to host a party at your place. Keep in mind that playing the right music in the background helps you cut through the awkward silences. At the same time, keep the volume low enough to prevent it from disturbing the guests from having a conversation with each other.

●      Dinner

Consider taking into account any food allergies/restrictions of your guests. Otherwise, you might feel awkward when someone refuses food or goes back hungry.

Keep in mind to prepare food items that you are confident in the making. Trust us; it isn’t the right occasion to experiment with the lately seen recipe on the internet.

Guests appreciate simple and homemade food rather than more fancy and expensive gourmet.

●      Dessert

Ensure to end everyone’s day on a sweeter note with a dessert. In addition, you may plan to offer tea or coffee along with the dessert.

●      Leave the digital gadgets behind

It is imperative for both the guests and the hosts part to leave their virtual world behind. Instead of glaring at your smartphones which look ill-mannered, look up and focus on the real people present in the room.

●      Relax and have fun

Hosting guests doesn’t have to be just about making the guests comfortable, relaxed, and having fun. It should be enjoyable for the host as well. So, after the guests arrive, you need to enjoy, relax, and have fun together.

Keep in mind that dishes can be handled the next morning. But, right now, the things that matter the most are the good company, lovely ambiance, and great food.


Undoubtedly, small gestures and etiquettes can make or break your efforts to be a perfect host to your guests. So, consider simple, fresh, and basic preparations to host guests at your place instead of going for something time-consuming and expensive.

Keep in mind that the idea is to have a delightful ambiance, good company, and simple homemade food to build everlasting friendships and memories.


Jeff Campbell