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How to Be More Productive While Smart Working

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Over the past three years, we have become thoroughly acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of smart working, yet some of us still experience a kind of unease, an uncomfortable indecision, as if we do not know exactly whether the opportunity to work from home can generate real benefits for our well-being and productivity.

Some people, after trying it out for two or three months, have come to the conclusion that smart working is not for them, and that they would prefer to work in the office anyway. Others, on the other hand, have experienced the exact opposite feeling, and still thank heaven for the invaluable opportunity to work from home, at their own pace and on their own timetable, with no constraints whatsoever (except for those related to quality of work, deadlines and goal achievement).

Then there is a third segment of professionals who have not yet formed a precise opinion on smart working, and who in most cases continue to alternate it with one or two days in the office.

Daily rituals

Many people used to derive pleasure from the small rituals of the morning routine, such as a quick cup of coffee in some café, or the sacrosanct ten minutes for a quick breakfast at the station, before entering the office, or in a café located a few kilometers from the workplace. Stay-at-home workers’ nostalgia for all these small pleasures has sharpened enormously, allowing people to clearly identify their own personal sources of pleasure.

Yet, the issue of smart working is so trivial that we should not even discuss it. The advantages of working from home, for one’s physical and mental health, are so numerous that to list them all would require an in-depth series of articles on this topic alone. The very fact of being able to get up without any stress, knowing that you can start work whenever you want, naturally predisposes the mind for the acceptance of well-being.

Doubts about smart working

Those who still have doubts about smart working, or who believe that they prefer a working life spent in the office, have not yet understood how to profitably manage this fundamental transition, which is the product of our times and adverse circumstances, but which has ultimately allowed many professionals to bring some balance to their daily lives, carefully balancing the moments to be dedicated to work and those reserved for entertainment.

With a routine that is extremely simple and within everyone’s reach, and that can be easily applied from any kind of home, everyone can learn to fully appreciate the phenomenon of smart working, eliminating all their reservations at a stroke. The secret of productivity, even when working from home, lies in the careful planning of individual work sessions and breaks, which play an absolutely crucial role in boosting your performance. In the course of a morning, plan three or four work sessions of forty minutes each, alternating them with breaks of fifteen or twenty minutes.

While you are working, you should not be distracted by anything, not even your mobile phone, and during the breaks you can indulge in the activities you find most enjoyable or healthiest for your mind. If you are still attached to your previous routine, you could even think about partially incorporating it into your new daily schedule, perhaps deciding to go for a coffee at the café during one of your breaks, or going out for a short walk in the street for ten or so minutes. The main thing is to alternate work and fun, fully enjoying all the juicy fruits of this essential combination.

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To be happy, you don’t need to stick your nose out. With a little training, everyone will learn to feel perfectly happy and at ease even at home, even during working hours.


Jeff Campbell