How to Calculate Shower Door Installation Cost

Are you looking forward to install a shower door for the first time? If any of you has purchased a shower door before, you must be aware of the costs. However, for a newbie, it’s hard to calculate shower door installation costs. This is necessary to know how the whole procedure will cost before you place your order, so no one can make you fool while purchasing. 

Well, the cost varies from design to design and even for framed or frameless shower doors. There are many types of shower glass panes, and all have different cost ranges. Let’s dig into this detailed guide and explore the factors that affect shower door cost.

What factors affect shower door installation cost?

Have you ever gone to a glass market and realize that water shower doors are far above your budget?! If it is so, then you may opt for customized options and place an order to include and exclude the features you need, keeping in view your budget, too. You can only do this when you know how to calculate the installation cost of shower doors. 

When you want to renew your shower area, these are the certain factors that will influence the cost:

  • Size of a door

Size matters a lot in calculating the cost of a shower door installation process. This really makes a big difference. Cost effects from every inch included or excluded. If you need a shower door of standard size, then it might cost around $450, if it is framed. However, spaces like shower tubs and big enclosures need a larger door to cover the area. Here your cost will be increased.

  • Style of a door

You have a variety of options for choosing a style for your shower door. You can go for sliding doors, pivot shower doors, swinging shower doors, fixed shower panels, or bypass shower doors. So, they all have different cost ranges, you must check out which option is best for your bathroom and whether it is affordable or not. 

  • Shower glass type

The biggest influence on the cost is due to the shower glass we choose for shower doors. We have a bundle of glass types in the market, which all are best for shower doors. Here, we divide the glass types into two categories, one according to strength and the other according to design.

According to strength 

There have been many sorts of glass that are sturdier and stronger enough to stand for years in bathrooms, such as cut to size tempered glass and laminated glass. Other types include floating glass, solar control glass, normal glass, and wire glass. Their ranges vary from type to type. 

According to design

You might be aware of certain glass designs when you search for the best shower doors around you. You have many options like frosted glass, sandblasted glass, tinted glass, patterned glass, clear glass, and coated glass. Whenever you get your hands on any shower door, its cost depends upon the glass type as well, that has been used in it. If you opt for a clear glass shower door it might cost you less as compared to frosted or sandblasted glass. 

  • Shower door types

Either your shower door is framed or frameless? It really matters! Framed shower doors are comparatively less costly as compared to frameless shower doors. If you need a frameless one for your modern bathrooms, you have to spend a little bit more. 

  • DIY installation or hiring a professional

If you have a low budget for shower doors, then prefer DIY installing shower doors. Because when you hire some professional for this task, it can increase your total project cost. 

Installation cost 

The overall installation cost could vary between $300 and $1500. The high price range can be only in some special cases; for instance, when the door is frameless and too big than normal. Otherwise, the minimum installation cost you bear would be around $300. 

In the end!

No matter what design you are going to choose for your shower door, every design and style has a different effect on the overall installation cost. So, make your budget first and then take measurements of shower space. Now, check which design and glass type would be perfect for your bathroom and it should be affordable, too.  


Jeff Campbell