How To Choose a Good Disability Lawyer

When facing the court of law, having an excellent legal representation proves to be a good thing, even if the situation doesn’t require one. Having an attorney beside you to present your disability case often leads to positive results.

It’s important to know that any legal matters should be resolved immediately; so, it would be best if you should consult with a professional immediately. If you prolong speaking with an attorney, it would be much more challenging to preserve evidence and protect the statute of limitation.

So, if you’ve decided to get legal representation but don’t know where to start, then you’re on the right page. If you want to find a good disability lawyer, then keep on reading!

Factors to Check


When communicating with a potential lawyer and their staff, observe how they treat you and their level of professionalism and courtesy. Indeed, firms that handle disability cases tend to be busy; however, the firm should still treat you with respect. They should also give you a time slot to ask your questions and for professionals to provide answers if they’re too busy to accommodate you.

Lawyer Credentials

A licensed attorney would have a better understanding of the law, especially Social Security law. These licensed professionals undergo special training on statutes and case law and how to read and interpret them.

Additionally, ensure that the lawyer you hire has a license to practice law inside the federal court. It is in case your disability case gets appealed to this level. It’s better to prepare for such events than go through another search to find a good disability lawyer. It would also help you hire an attorney to be your long term disability lawyer that can advocate your case until necessary.

If you don’t know how to ask about the lawyer’s credentials, here are some sample questions you can ask:

  • “How many cases do you usually handle annually?”
  • “How long have you been practicing disability law?”
  • “Do you undergo additional training?”

Proper knowledge about your disability

There might be some cases that would be extra challenging to get approved due to the medical condition. So, be transparent with your potential lawyer about your situation so that they know how to best handle your case.

You may also inquire about how they would approach your situation, their success rate, and how many cases they’ve handled with the same situation as yours.


Be aware of lawyers that promise you a good outcome. It’s entirely unethical for an attorney to do so. Instead, an excellent legal professional should give you an honest and careful assessment of your disability case based on facts and the law.

A reasonable attorney would tell you the strength and weaknesses of your case rather than get your hopes up. It’s also a good sign when a lawyer admits that they can’t get your claim approved as you would hope.

Approval Rates

It would be helpful if you also asked about the approval rates of the firm to your potential lawyer or staff member. It’s your right to ask these questions as the client since you want the best for yourself. It’s also important to know that a good firm would be more than willing to ask these questions and share their statistics with you.

Below are some of the questions you could ask:

  • “Could I ask what is the overall approval rate of this firm?”
  • “What is the percentage of your winnings that’s for full benefits?”
  • “What is the percentage of your winnings for partial benefits?”
  • “What is the firm’s portion of approvals that are at the hearing levels?”


The lawyer you hire should be accessible through phone and location. They should have their own office or virtual set-up where you can inquire about your queries without any hassle to your disability.

As a regular citizen, this would be your only case, and to a person who didn’t study in law school, the legal world can be pretty daunting. Thus, it’s an absolute must to hire a legal professional that can answer your every question, explain in detail what’s going to happen. It’s also a good quality when the lawyer can alleviate any anxiety and frustration you might have.


There are numerous things to consider to find a good lawyer for you. The most important thing that a lawyer should know is your case. There should be mutual trust between both parties that the lawyer would do their absolute best to try to win your case.



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