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How to Choose a LED Mirror

Many different forms and sizes are available when it comes to mirrors. If you like a more classic look, you may want to look for a vanity with an LED mirror built into the countertop. Some prefer a round LED mirror, while others prefer rectangular ones. It’s generally a good idea to begin by looking over your own surroundings. This will serve as a basic guide to help you focus your search for an LED mirror.

Master Bath’s LED Mirror

While the master bath is an aesthetic showpiece, it must also serve a practical purpose. An LED mirror assists in the application of cosmetics, hairstyling, and male grooming. A framed LED mirror is a great choice if your bathroom has vintage components like a clawfoot tub or carved cabinets. You may table-mount your LED mirror in front of a wall if you want a frameless style. There are ready-to-order sizes of the over-sink LED mirror up to 84″. An LED mirror mounted on a swing arm is ideal for tweezing or applying eyelashes.

Retracting Your LED Mirror

Creatively concealing your LED mirror in the wall is worth the expense of building. The addition of an LED mirror offers the appearance of square footage, making the room seem larger. When the LED mirror is parallel with the fall, your bathroom’s visual axis is improved considerably. While a bigger frame surrounding the LED mirror is more traditional, a seamless design is more modern. To add depth to a space, use contrasting, flat paint behind the LED mirror in recesses.

Making a Medicine Cabinet Out of Your LED Mirror

A natural way to increase bathroom storage is with a medicine cabinet with an integrated LED mirror. Since the LED mirror cabinet’s inside is likewise reflective, visibility is never compromised, whether open or closed. We recommend an 18″ x 30″ or 20″ x 30″ with a metal casing around the LED mirror.

Lighting Up the Entranceway with an LED Mirror

On arrival, guests may feel the desire to freshen up. The restroom by the front door is a half-bathroom that’s meant to be used quickly. An LED mirror in the hall bathroom is a terrific way to show your guests that you care about their comfort, while also allowing them to touch up their cosmetics after a long trip. Set a tiny circular LED mirror above the sink for this purpose. The LED mirror can be used as a wardrobe mirror from a distance; thus, it should be placed somewhat higher than a standard bathroom mirror.

A Bedroom with an LED Mirror

A combined vanity and LED mirror are often used in bedrooms. The piece’s ability to stand-alone means that it may complement your chosen decor. Placing the LED mirror next to the bed is a traditional solution for hair and jewelry storage, which are often the last duties before getting into bed. Many of our LED mirror vanities have gloss white finishes, which blend well with most bedroom decor.

The Bottom Line

LED mirrors are strong instruments that exemplify green living to the fullest. So, consider the above tips and get yourself a stunning LED mirror today!


Jeff Campbell