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How to Create the Perfect Winter Routine

Winter is a season that will always divide opinion. While some people hate winter because of the cold weather and short days, others see this as a special time of the year for wrapping up warm and getting cosy. The key to a fun, healthy and happy winter is a good routine that you can stick to. Read on for a few ideas on what this winter routine could include.

Your Favorite Coffee

Do you struggle to get out of bed in winter? You are not alone as the lack of light, warmth of the bedroom and low temperatures outside don’t give you much reason to leap out of bed. A good way to entice yourself out of bed is with your favorite coffee, which will be a good start to the day and give you the energy needed to get started. A glass of water can also help to wake you up!

Try Exercise Before Work

You might not feel like it, but exercising before work is a great way to energise yourself and get in a productive mood for the day. Obviously, you may not want to go outside at this time so a home workout can be a good option. This will also give you more time for relaxing in the evening while allowing you to get enough exercise each week.

Eat Seasonally With Occasional Treats

Winter is a good time of the year for eating hearty, filling meals. You should get into the habit of cooking healthy and delicious meals in the winter and consider meal prep as a way to save time – soups are perfect for this! Additionally, do not feel guilty for treating yourself from time to time as this can lift your spirits. Coffee cream chocolates can be a tasty treat to enjoy in the evening curled up in front of the TV.

Find an Indoor Activity to Enjoy

It can be easy to get bored at home in winter, especially when the weather is bad. This is why you need to find an activity other than watching TV to enjoy, such as reading, painting, baking or journaling. Ideally, this will be a screen that does not involve screens to give your eyes a break and to disconnect for a while as it is easy to spend all day and night in front of a screen in winter.

Develop a Winter Skincare Routine

The lack of sunlight, wind and cold weather can take its toll on your skin during winter. This is why you should develop a winter skincare routine that will help to rejuvenate your skin and help you to look and feel your best during this time of year.

These are a few ideas to include in your winter routine. Winter can be a tough time for many people, but having a routine in place should help you to stay happy, healthy and entertained throughout the winter months.

Jeff Campbell