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How To Design A Kid’s Room


Designing a safe space for your little one where they can play and grow is certainly a fun task. But, it is also a challenging one. You have to make sure all the furniture is safe and kid-friendly, maximize the space, and pick just the right colors for the room. So, if you feel overwhelmed with this task, here are some amazing tips to get you started and design a perfect kid’s room.

Keep the Design Simple

Less is more, and a kid’s room is a perfect example of that. You don’t want to overcrowd the room and make it too busy. Rather, keep the design simple and furnishing to a minimum. This way, you are leaving enough room for your kid to play. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate at all. You can find some amazing and simple wall art, for example, to fill the blank walls. You can browse around this website and find some amazing custom-made posters that will fill the room with warmth and happiness. Also, provide walls with neutral shades as you can later build onto the design as your child grows.

Put the Focus on Play

Your kid’s main interest is to play. So, when designing their room, make sure to focus on this aspect. You can find amazing elements that will spark creativity and provide a safe space to play for your child. For example, a nice indoor swing, a small ball pit, and even a whimsical house-frame bed can do the trick. You can also consider a chalkboard or even blackboard paint for one part of the wall so your kid can draw. Some other ideas include a rock-climbing wall, if there is space and even a bunk bed slide. Just consider what your kid might enjoy and fill that room with opportunities for play.

Plan for a Lot of Storage

The kid’s room can easily get crowded and messy. There are toys, games, books, clothes and so much more to keep in this room. So, if you want to avoid mild chaos, make sure to plan for enough storage room. Consider getting a closet that is big enough for all the clothes, and one that maybe has a few drawers. Also, make use of the walls and rely on wall-hugging book rails, hooks, and anything in between. Another great solution is furniture with built-in storage, as well as under-the-bed storage crates. With such furniture and storage solutions, you will be able to contain the chaos and always have space for all that your child needs and loves.

Make the Room Colorful

No kid’s room should be plain and boring. Kids love colors so make sure to add it to their room. However, don’t just paint the room entirely pink, blue, or any other bright color. You can keep the walls neutral, but to provide color, rely on other pieces of furniture. You can easily find some colorful cabinets, paint their desk or even bedframe some fun colors and add other accessories, too. Fluffy blankets, a rug, and pillows can serve as decor while they also provide texture and a sense of safety and coziness. Plus, you can add color with wall art or simply hang your kid’s drawings and dedicate one colorful wall to their own personal gallery.

Designing and decorating a kid’s room can be both fun and overwhelming. We often don’t know where to start with this task, but hopefully, these few tips will help you plan everything right. Just remember to keep the room fun and safe, and your child is definitely going to enjoy it.



Jeff Campbell