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How to File for Divorce Without a Lawyer

If you’re ready to file for divorce, you’re probably already tired of the drama. You’ve heard the horror stories of costly divorces that take years to settle—is there a way to end your marriage without the stress?

The answer is yes; divorce can be as simple as terminating a contract. You can file a no-fault divorce to avoid length court appearances, mediation, and long discussions with expensive lawyers.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to file for divorce without a lawyer.

Understand State Requirements

Marriage is like a contract, and when you terminate any legal document there are state regulations you must follow even when filing for divorce without a lawyer. First, you need to look up the specific requirements for no-fault divorces in your state.

Most states require residency, but some have unique requirements like a period of separation before filing, or a waiting period before it finalizes. Most requirements wont affect the terms of your divorce, only the timing.

File the Paperwork

To file for divorce, you need to first fill out the required paperwork. You can get it at your local country clerk’s office or fill them out online. Be prepared to pay a few fees.

After you fill out your part, you must send a copy to your partner. At this point, they can accept or decline, but you can proceed with court action either way.

Settle with Your Partner

The fastest and easiest way to file for divorce without a lawyer is to agree on the terms. The main things you and your partner need to decide are division of property as well as child support and custody arrangements if you have minor children. If you can come to an agreement and a judge agrees that the settlement is fair, your divorce is uncontested and happens quickly.

If you and your partner do not agree on the terms, it becomes a contested divorce. In this case, you may need to undergo mediation or go to court. It may be better to involve a divorce lawyer to guide the process; it could take a while and it may get complicated.

The Judge’s Decision

The final step is to wait for the judge’s decision. In most no-fault uncontested divorce cases, you can avoid a long trial and mediation. It essentially allows you to skip proving any grounds for divorce and start setting terms.

The judge will look over your settlement agreement to ensure its fair for all parties, and grant the divorce. It may take a few hearings, but the process is relatively quick.

Now That You Know How to File for Divorce Without a Lawyer

You can start the process today. Getting divorced can be a difficult life change, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Use this guide to keep your divorce simple, fast, and out of court.

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Jeff Campbell