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How to Help Your Kids Get Better at Writing

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Whether it is to do better in their English homework or hone their writing skills in general. At one stage in their lives, your kids will surely ask you to help them with their writing. What can you, as their parent, do or encourage them to do to get better at writing? Keep reading to find out.

Reading and Watching More Content

The famous American author Stephen King once said, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time — or the tools — to write. simple as that.”

One cannot get better at writing without reading first. That is why you will always see professional writers or authors are constantly reading books, blogs, and all sorts of written content. 

Reading these things will help your kids get into writing in the first place. Ideally, you should let your kids decide what form of written content they want to consume. Many prefer storybooks and novels while some opt for reading non-fiction. You can also get them into the habit of reading online blogs. 

Always choose interesting books for your kids so that they never get bored. Book cover design attracts children towards books. So choose a book with an attractive cover design for your kids.

However, to keep things more formal, you should ask them to read the newspaper every day. That is because the articles over there are more refined and well-structured. Besides, your kids can familiarize themselves with the different writing styles of the different writers and columnists. The kids will surely come across plenty of difficult words and phrases while they read, but that is good. Because that is how they can learn those words and phrases, and perhaps use them for their write-ups.

Besides reading, encourage your kids to watch English movies, TV shows, or cartoons. These will help them understand how they can utilize informal English in their writing. 

Taking Help from Online Resources

Reading books and newspapers, and watching movies and TV shows can help your kids go a long way in developing their writing and communication skills. However, these are self-learning processes. Your kids can only understand as much as they want to. 

Besides, a lot of the content they are consuming this way is not originally designed for them. Thus comes the need for a more professional approach to help your kids get better at writing, especially technical writing. Because while reading and watching stuff can help develop their formal and informal writing skills, the only way to develop technical writing skills is through proper training. 

Of course, your kids’ school teachers might not be that eager to help them out with this. So you will have to look for a solution to this online.

You can get online help in technical English writing if you select the right platform. There, you will find professional technical writers who can help your kids with their writing. The tutors there will guide your kids as necessary. 

They will also help your kids out with their school homework and assignments. Of course, you must monitor these lessons and tutoring sessions so that you can understand what type of learning approach works best for your kids.

Encouraging Them to Write More

Watching movies and TV shows will help your kids understand how various pronunciations work. They will also teach your kids how spoken and casual English differ from the formal one. Reading books, blogs, and newspapers will introduce them to various writing styles. 

Your kids will get to learn new vocabulary from them as well. Lastly, taking help from online resources and tutors can help your kids stick to a strict style guide. Professional technical writers on these online platforms can introduce them to the technical writing process, and its varieties.

However, your kids cannot get better at writing until they start writing for themselves. Regular practice is the key to getting better at anything. When it comes to writing, this practice is equally important if not more. 

So far, your kids have only learned from others. They have seen others talk and write, but have never tried to discover their preferred writing style. Hence, they will have to get into the habit of writing. Be it blog or creative writing, or writing school essays. You will have to ensure that they are practicing writing other than what their school asks them to complete as homework or assignments. At first, they will struggle, and their writing quality will not be that good. With time though, they will get better at it. 

After all this, you will notice a big improvement in their writing quality. The rest is all about practicing and patience. With time, your kids will only grow better at writing if they can ensure all these things.

Jeff Campbell